Terrific Travel Sized Beauty Products

Before you pack your suitcase, check out my recent morning show segment that has essential and good quality beauty products that are all FAA travel sized approved and will keep you looking good during your summer travels.  The best news is that all of these items are sold at Walgreens, so the price is right and you will be surprised to see some department store brands sold there as well.  So take a look and happy travels to you!  Also, our cohost Marlene kicks off the segment with a cool travel tip that you may want to know about to get through security a lot faster.

And part 2 is here….

To see the column and price list, check out my article on the KTVK website here.

My Favorite Beauty Quick Fix Products

Manic:  Beauty issues that plague you when you are on the run like garlic breath, makeup that runs, tired eyes and more.

Managed:  Interviewed my favorite drug store beauty expert, Bianca with Walgreens and put her recommendations to the test to come up with these cool head to toe beauty quick beauty fix products.  Most of these sell for under $10 at Walgreens and they all have become favorites of mine now.  Take a look…