Green Tea Weight Loss Update

Last week I posted that I had gained several pounds.  When I looked back at what I had done differently that week, I realized that I had skipped my daily dose of green tea. 

I typically buy it from Starbucks.  I always make sure that I order the unsweetened version.  I also buy the Venti size and refill the same cup with water all day long. 

After I wrote wondering if my lack of green tea resulted in a 3-lb weight gain, several of you wonderful readers emailed me that you agree with that assessment. 

Then this morning when I stopped to buy the gorgeous green tea pictured here another gal I know who works at Starbucks told me that she notices the same thing.  She told me that when she stops drinking her daily dose of green tea, she finds herself up a few pounds.  Interesting.

And guess what ladies?  Yes, I’m now down 2 1/2 lbs. after going back to my daily green tea.  For the last four days, I have purchased my big ol’ glass of green tea AND refilled the cup with water all day long. 

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