Cat Owners: My Favorite Flower Can Be Deadly To Cats

Thankfully I haven’t lost any of our cats to ingesting a lily, but we almost did several years ago.  So today when I saw a warning on Facebook about the dangers of the lily flower being ingested by felines, I decided to share in my blog.  In the heartbreaking Facebook post, her sweet kitty did pass away after eating pollen from a lily.  That almost happened to us with our cat, Tucker.

Tucker became quite ill a few years ago.  At first the vet and I couldn’t figure out what was making him so sick. Towards the end of the appointment, my vet asked me if I had done anything differently around the house.  After thinking about it for a minute, I casually told him that I had started putting fresh flowers out weekly.  I liked to display them on the table and on kitchen counter for a pretty centerpiece.  flowersSo then he asked me what types of flowers had I set out and I remembered laughing at Tucker because he had orange pollen around his mouth. Instantly my vet told me that was most likely the culprit.  My favorite flower.  The pretty ones I had in my wedding bouquet years earlier.  The lovely lily is deadly to cats causing liver failure.

Because Tucker is a big cat and he hadn’t ingested that much, he made it, but he sure was sick for a bit.

Finishing up the meds course he had to take from his illness.

Finishing up the meds course he had to take from his illness.  Stan, our orange cat in the background, didn’t have to take medicine because he doesn’t eat flowers, but most cats will nibble on a floral arrangement.

No more lily flowers in our home.  And when I saw the sad story this morning on Facebook, I thought it would be a good idea to let my readers know in case you have a cat or know someone who has a kitty.  No lily flowers.

In fact, if you have pets, always check the potential toxic ingredients before placing flowers out in the open in your home.

Always good to play it safe.  We were very lucky that Tucker survived his lily illness.  He is the most gentle and loving cat.  In fact, tomorrow he will be sad because his favorite family member, my son is moving into his dorm.  Tucker will miss him and I am so glad that when our boy comes home for visits, his Tucker will be here happily waiting to see him.

Our handsome Tucker boy.

Our handsome Tucker boy


Introducing A New Cat To Resident Cats

If you are considering introducing a new cat to your resident cat or cats, this article is for you.  Our vet told us that sometimes, even with all of the proper steps taken, cats may never completely accept each other, but may learn to coexist by avoiding the other.  We are happy to report that our end result has been a happy one with all being feline friends.  And be sure to read this article all the way through to see some additional safety tips for the cats and the humans at the end of this post.

Will this playful stray kitten fit in with our happy and lazy trio of resident cats?

Would this playful stray kitten fit in with our happy and lazy trio of resident cats?

Yesterday I wrote about how we ended up having a household with felines that equal the number of human residents.  Although we never ever planned to be a 4 cat family, the story of our fourth and FINAL kitty cat rescue is here.

We took our time, about six weeks, to be sure that our three cats truly accepted our new stray kitten that my hubs named Sadie.  It did help that she was brought in as a kitten.  Adopting a kitten may make the process a bit easier with adult cats who don’t feel as threatened with the new kitty’s tiny size, although I don’t want to discourage you from saving an older cat because that can work with the proper steps and patience. [Read more…]

Weekly Pet Pic: My Three Comfy Cats!

Being a cat in our manic managed Harris home is a pretty good gig for these three cat cuties and they don’t seem to have anything manic going in in their lives, even though their humans run around manic a lot!  I could go for being one of my cats for a day.  See why….Sleeping cat cuties

And later that day, I walked in to see Stanley quite comfortable and well cared for (my daughter must have been by earlier)….
Stan under covers
Are your pets this pampered?  I’m guessing they are!  Send your cute pet pics our way because we love to publish them every weekend to wish you and your furry family members a great day.  Remember to rest up like your pets do before you jump into another busy week.  Email your pet pics to [email protected]

Happy Sunday!

Weekly Pet Pics: Lucy Turns 2 & Gets Baked Birthday Cat Cake!

Manic:  My daughter reminding me that I can’t forget her annual tradition of having a birthday party for her cat…add that to our hectic schedule!

Managed:  My girl finding a recipe online for a cat cake made of tuna, cheese, flour and more and then baked to fit a feline’s fancy on her 2nd birthday!  So Lucy’s 2nd birthday party was underway with my tween doing most of the work to keep our manic schedule managed enough to fit in time for a cat’s celebration.  Lucy the cat seemed to enjoy her birthday bash.  Here are some fun party pictures and the cat cake recipe for any of you that may be interested in baking a treat when your kitty’s big day rolls around.

The Pet Pics:

The Birthday girl who turned 2, then and now…


 And it is always fun to look back at baby pictures on a birthday…

Lucy's baby picsLucy is lucky enough to have not only found a human mama who adores her, but also a tireless tween girl who even bakes her a cat cake….

There are three cakes so that Lucy's "siblings" our two  much older boy cats can have their cake and eat it, too!

There are three cakes so that Lucy’s “siblings” our two much older boy cats can have their cake and eat it, too!

 Lucy spots her birthday goodies….

lucy spots bdayAnd it looks like Lucy loves her cake… [Read more…]

Honoring The Life of a Girl’s First Pet

I remember when my lovely niece, Julie first came to visit us when she was just a little girl.  It was super fun to have our school-aged niece stay a weekend with us, her auntie and uncle.  We didn’t have any children yet, so she was a thrill to have for several days and I remember how much she especially loved hanging out with our cat.

Several years later, we were happy to meet her very own first cat that she named Shadow, a beautiful black male that came to live with her and become her very first pet.  growing up ShadowYou never ever forget your first pet, especially when it is an animal that you grow up with through the years. julie with kittenJulie and Shadow were both little ones when they found each other and Shadow accompanied Julie through all of the exciting milestones that growing up entails.  Going through the many changes that our body and mind experience as we transform from child to tween to teen and then adult is somewhat calmed with the presence of a pet, that daily companion that can be counted on to be there through it all. shadow stares

Shadow was that companion for Julie and he accompanied her to her first apartment when she left home and even when she moved out of state to further her education.  shadow on cat treeShadow was there with her when she fell in love and accepted that first big job.  For fifteen years, Shadow was her constant companion and nothing or no one can replace that beloved first pet.

So today we honor my niece’s beautiful black cat named Shadow who gave Julie so much happiness and in return Julie gave Shadow a full, loving and happy feline life.shadow tummy

Losing a pet is such a hard loss because they love us unconditionally and never say harmful words that leave an imprint. Instead they make us laugh and give us quiet companionship in good times and in bad times.  Although Shadow took a piece of Julie’s heart with him when he passed, he lives on in Julie’s heart. And Shadow’s adoption encouraged others to adopt black cats.  When history repeated itself and my own daughter came to us wanting to adopt a black cat, we thought of Julie and Shadow and were encouraged to do just that.  Little Lucy is now my girl’s constant companion and my daughter dreams of taking her to college with her as her older cousin Julie did with Shadow.  So on this Sunday, I send my heart to Julie as she mourns the passing of her beautiful Shadow and I celebrate the life that he gave to Julie and that she gave to him.  May we all be lucky enough to have that childhood pet that grows up with us and lives on in a thankful and full heart.jules and shadow


Weekly Pet Pic: Artie’s Adorable Antics

Adorable Artie has so many fun antics, his human mom Jodie tells us, like sleeping with his ball in his mouth just to be sure that no one steals it in his slumber….

sleepSo cute!  And have you ever heard of training a dog with carrots instead of dog treats?!  Artie will tell you that this is the healthy way to learn and his Mom says that he also loves apples!  What a funny pooch….
What a fun and wonderful dog!  Jodie rescued Artie from a no kill shelter and she says that he seems to know it and appreciate it.  They have formed a wonderful bond and Artie is the perfect companion for Jodie.  Jodie (and Artie, too!) encourages everyone to consider rescuing from a shelter when adopting a new pet.  Artie also reminds us in this next picture that weekends are for taking time to relax and nap, indoors or outdoors, as you can see…nap patioSend your pet pics to [email protected] and have a great weekend with your family, friends and furry friends, too.

Weekly Pet Pic: A Feline Fist Bump

Happy Saturday.  I hope you all are  having a great day.  Today’s weekly pet pic stars our Stan and my daughter says that this is a feline fist bump!  Do you agree?  Here is the pic….cat stan

And I think this one is pretty cute, too….
stanley cute
We love our friendly Stan the man cat that we adopted from the shelter 8 years ago.  He is a good boy and he is loved!

Send us your pet pics to post.  Email to [email protected] and have a great weekend.

Weekly Pet Pic: She Did It & She Owns It!

Our Lucy cat makes us laugh daily.  As I was looking back at our 2013 cat pics, I came across these two that I think will make you laugh, too.  No need to try to guess which cat in our home knocked down the decorative centerpiece…

Still store #5 guilty

….or literally stole the spiders right off the Halloween web that my daughter made a few months back….


Yep, she did it and she owns it.  You gotta love that!  Such a character!

Send us your funny and cute pet pics.  We love to post them every weekend for fun.  Email to [email protected]  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday with your human and your furry family members.

Weekly Pet Pic: Meet the Truly Terrific Tabitha!

I absolutely love when I hear stories of dogs and cats becoming fast and furever friends, so I was thrilled to receive this week’s pet pictures sent to us from reader Jennifer Spear and her family!  Jennifer’s family have the most wonderful and loving dog named Emme and they had been wanting to add a feline to the family, but they weren’t sure how Emme would adjust to a kitty cat.  They took the plunge and adopted sweet Tabitha and, as you can see in the pictures, Emme and Tabitha became quick companions….new pals












How adorable is that?!  Tabitha loves her new humans, too….Tabitha_121913b&cAnd Tabitha’s story will break your heart.  Jennifer told me that this adorable kitten was found in a dumpster with her brother Pumpkin at about two weeks old.  A few weeks later the place that fostered them also got a cat that had newborn kittens.  This sweet Mama cat adopted Tabitha and Pumpkin along with her own litter.  kittens_and_tabitha_and_pumpkinWhat a sweet mother cat to take Tabitha and Pumpkin in like that with her tiny kittens.  The kind woman who fostered Tabitha took her to Choice Pet Market and that is where Jennifer’s family adopted her.  Choice Pet Market has several Valley locations and is a great place to rescue and adopt a special family pet.

 And boy did Tabitha find the right human home!  Jennifer’s family truly treats their pets as valued family members who even go on vacation with them!  Here is Ms Tabitha accompanying the family to a trip to Show Low.  Jen tells me that this is the spot that Tabitha wants to travel in, believe it or not….

traveling cat!Thank you so much Jennifer for sending in these amazing pictures.  Tabitha is truly one cool cat and we are so happy for her and for her fabulous human family!  Email us your pet pics.  We love to post them every weekend, especially when we get to share stories like Tabitha’s rescue tale.  Email to [email protected] and have a great rest of your weekend.

Weekly Pet Pic: Our Crazy Christmas Cat

Manic:  Christmas preparations with the tree, the gifts, the shipping, the baking and more.  It is joyful and fun, but truth be told, it can be a bit manic, too.  And whenever my daughter cheers that there is X amount of days left before Christmas, I pretend to cheer with her, but I’m looking at it as a countdown that I’m not quite ready for!

Managed:  Getting some comic relief that takes away my stress (well sort of, except for the climbing of the tree part of this story) when my girl’s silly Lucy cat shows us just how much she gets into the holiday spirit, too.  Maybe a little too much as you can see in these Christmas cat pictures.  I think she does love this holiday….

Once the gifts were placed under the tree, Lucy let us know that one of those gifts had to be her.

Once the gifts were placed under the tree, Lucy let us know that one of those gifts had to be her.

But claiming gifts wasn’t her only trick.  We soon discovered that Lucy thinks that this Christmas tree is actually a cat tree placed in our living room just for her personal play time!  Can you spot the cat in the tree???

Look by the hanging candy cane.  Did you find her?

Look by the hanging candy cane. Did you find her?

She is truly hard to spot in that picture.  We saw our tree moving, so that is how we discovered our little tree climber!  Here is another shot where she isn’t so hidden….tree catOur crazy Lucy girl!  We did spray her with a water bottle to get her down and teach her that her gymnastic tree climbing abilities aren’t safe!  Of course she found another tree spot to retire to after being scolded and she knows she looks cute…
under tree
But the next day, she was at it again, proudly showing off her tree climbing talents….tree cat climbThat stinker!  So we watch her daily to make sure that she doesn’t hang herself or chew on the lights.  She is doing it less and less, so we think she is finally getting the message that her humans don’t approve (although we are impressed) of her tree climbing abilities.  She gave us a good laugh when she somehow figured out how to play a holiday game that my daughter thought up….each family member hides a decoration and leaves a hint of where to look for it.  My little item is a mini wreath and my hint was “blends in” so when I found Lucy proudly standing in front of my hidden object, I had to laugh….

ornamentIt is like she knew how to play the game and wanted to show us that she can play, too.  Can you guess where I had hid my item….yep…high up in the tree!  She seemed proud to have found it and brought it down!  We love our crazy Christmas cat!

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