Tips To Find Spring Fashions That Flatter Figures

Manic:  Spring fashions that are fabulous and comfortable and trendy, too.  But which ones can we older women wear and how do we choose the most flattering styles?

Managed:  Fashion expert, professional stylist, buyer and boutique owner (she does it all), Heather gave me a lesson in flattering pieces, fashion lingo to know and what to look for in dresses, undergarments, accessories and more when it comes to the spring trends that keep us stylish and looking good!  I showed several of her tips and beautiful clothing pieces in my recent KTVK 3TV morning show segment, so take a look.  Heather owns The Purple Skirt Boutique in Ahwatukee and Dominique R in Scottsdale.  And see the article below the video to see more details about each piece plus a few items that I didn’t get to cover in the segments like spring denim trends, rompers and more.

Here is the link to my KTVK article with complete descriptions of each piece and more.  Click here to see that and happy spring shopping!

Undergarments That Work Wonders For Us Gals

Manic:  Finding the right kind of bra, underwear, tank top, cami and more when it comes to wearing what goes underneath for comfort, concealing, enhancing, detracting and more.  When you think about it, undergarments can do a lot of things and make or break a good outfit.

Managed:   I interviewed our fashion expert, Heather Cisek and I did some shopping and I found some solutions for all kinds of undergarment mishaps from head to toe.  Heather showed me shape wear that isn’t too warm to wear under out clothes in our hot desert climate, a bra that smooths back fat, tanks and camis that multi-task and stretch our beauty budget and more.  Plus Heather (owner of the Purple Skirt Boutique in Ahwatukee and Dominque R in Scottsdale) has a great example of how to take several items you probably already have in your closet to quickly throw together an outfit on those days that you don’t want to go out, but have to…and her outfit idea looks classy and feels comfy. You have got to check out this segment for undergarments that work wonders…

Flattering Fashions for Women…Plus Cool Kids Clothes, Too

Manic:  Finding fashions for me that flatter and clothes for my kids that are good quality and made by lines that are green and/or give back.

Managed:  Did some fashion research for myself plus I found some cool kid clothing that you gotta know about.  First I found some interesting pieces for women like a pant suit that slims, what to look for in an attractive maxi dress, how to find a comfy t-shirt for gals that won’t hug love handles and more.  I also found a cool shop that custom makes denim to fit your every curve just right.  Next I show you several adorable and unique kids’ lines.  So check out my fab fashion segment to see which styles to look for to slim the different body areas that we may feel self conscious about.  Fun fashion finds are here….

Love These Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For All!

Manic:  Another holiday, just when you think the holiday season is over!

Managed:  Had a blast shopping for some unique, thoughtful and fun Valentine’s Day gift ideas for that special someone, your kids or even a friend that you want to cheer up on heart day.  Take a look at what I found….

My Top Product & Food/Recipe Picks from my 2013 Segments

Here they are….my top picks from all of the things that I tested for my lifestyle morning show segments in 2013.  My favorite family on-the-go snack bar, favorite healthy homemade snack recipe, my favorite fashions, beauty products, get organized tool and more.  Take a look and let me know if you tried any of these products and ideas from  my segments. And stay tuned because I will be showing what’s new in 2014 beauty products, fashions and more the rest of this month.  For now, here are my 2013 top picks from all of the stuff that I get to test, that many of you wrote in to tell me that you liked, too….