Savor the Sweet Sibling Moments

Manic:  Leaving my sick teenager to get my daughter to her orthodontist appointment on time.

Managed:  What happened next reminded me to let go of the manic moments to instead focus on the sweet ones.  Read on to see what I mean.

Two weeks ago, my teenager, like most kids in the month of January, came down with a virus.  Although I thought about canceling my daughter’s orthodontist appointment to stay home to care for my son, I decided it was best to keep the check-up. 

I stressed to my younger one that it was important that we stay on track and get back home as soon as we could to care for her brother.

I always wonder if my kids worry about the other one or simply tolerate having to deal with an annoying sibling.  I got my answer one hour later as we were checking out of the ortho office. 

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