Simple Savory Salmon

Manic:  You want to eat healthy salmon, but don’t have the time or ingredients on hand to make it right.

Managed:  Found the easiest salmon recipe that only requires the salmon and two ingredients!

This recipe comes from a friend.  Two years ago I picked my son up from his buddy’s house and I was shocked to hear my then 11-year-old tell me how much he loved the salmon they served him for dinner.  Did I hear my boy right who wouldn’t dare try salmon for me because it was fish?! 

So, I had to know the secret recipe that made my kid a salmon lover.  The next weekend when I drove my son back to his friend’s house for another play date, I asked the family for the recipe.  I couldn’t believe how easy it is to prepare. 

Just three ingredients and presto, you have savory salmon.  Here it is for your family to try:

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