Daily Fit Tip: The Shake Weight

MANIC:  I promised you the Wii Fit Plus review but, note to self, don’t buy game parts used!  The Wii balance board that you stand on to get your weight, body mass index and more did not sync with my system.  So after I take that back to the store and get a brand new one, I’ll get back to Wii Fit Plus.  That was a manic moment of frustration!

MANAGED:  However I made a promise to get my body moving again and with only an hour left before my son’s pregame arrival time, I remembered a fitness purchase that I made a few months ago, so I found the box in my closet and dusted it off.

Did you ever see those made-for-TV ads for the Shake Weight?  I did and I kept seeing the box at Walgreen’s, so I finally bought one for $30, but promptly forgot about it when I returned home to my manic managed life.

Well since my Wii workout didn’t work out and I was short on time, as usual, I grabbed my $30 5-lb Shake Weight, and the DVD it came with, and went to work. 

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