Pumpkin Supreme & Leftover Turkey Pot Pie Recipes Featured In My 3TV Segment This Week

If you saw my Your Life Arizona morning show segments today, you may want the recipes I quickly showed for two perfect holiday eats. 

First up is the decadent and yummy Pumpkin Supreme recipe.  This decadent dessert is sweeter than pumpkin pie and tastes a bit like pumpkin cheesecake, but is even yummier in my opinion!  My sister-in-law shared this treat with me years ago as it has been passed down for generations from her Texas family.  You will love it and it is a crowd pleaser!  The recipe is here at this link.

And I showed a quick and easy cheat recipe idea for that leftover Thanksgiving Day turkey.  Only six ingredients & done in 30 minutes! 

Here is the recipe for this that is my family’s favorite!

Turkey Pot Pie Using Left Over Thanksgiving Turkey


What You Need:

1 can of cream of potato soup

1 can Veg All Veggies, drained

1 cup of leftover turkey (or more if you want more turkey in the pot pie)

3/4 cup milk

1/8 teaspoon pepper

2 frozen pie crusts

What You Do:


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.


  1. Combine and mix all ingredients except pie crusts and keep the crusts frozen until you are ready to use.


  1. Next pour the mixture into one frozen pie crust.  It is very important that you keep your crusts frozen until you are ready to assemble the pot pie.


  1. To fake make (since this is not a homemade crust – no time for that!) that perfect top crust, simply pop the other frozen crust right out of the pan and place on top of the pot pie.  This is such a cool and easy trick!  If the crust is truly frozen, it should pop right out after you loosen the edges.


  1. Cut a slit in middle of the top crust for venting during baking and bake uncovered for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.



Ideas For Welcoming New Family Into Holiday Traditions

Do you remember when you celebrated the holidays at your new husband’s family home?  Or how about when your younger sibling brought her new spouse to your home for the holidays?  I recently had a friend ask me for ideas to integrate new family members into old holiday traditions and how to best make them feel at home during a holiday visit.  That got me thinking about how fortunate I am to have been welcomed with open arms into my husband’s family more than 22 years ago. (That time went by fast!)  Check out these tips to create new traditions with your family – and great memories along the way.

One of our family traditions is a picture by the tree sporting Santa hats and in the background, ornaments with pictures hang on the tree.

One of our family traditions is a picture by the tree sporting Santa hats and in the background, ornaments with pictures hang on the tree.

*Ask the new family members to bring a favorite recipe from their family holiday cookbook.  A great example of this is my sister-in-law’s Pumpkin Supreme recipe.  Her family’s southern Texas tradition has now become our family’s annual delicious dessert as well. A bit sweeter than traditional pumpkin pie, this delicious recipe calls for yummy ingredients like pumpkin, vanilla pudding, cinnamon, pecans and more.  pumpkinsupremeYou can get the recipe for Stephanie’s Pumpkin Supreme at www.shamrockfarms.net.

If you aren’t asked to contribute to your new family’s feast, but would like to, ask the hostess what the menu is and then suggest bringing an appetizer, side or dessert. It’s best to suggest new items to the menu, rather than asking to replace a family recipe already in use.

*Welcome the new family member with a gift basket.  If this is your brother’s new bride, create a special holiday gift basket with monogrammed dish towels, his and hers coffee mugs and the couple’s favorite coffee paired with Shamrock Farms Half & Half.  new SF picFill the basket with her favorite candy or mixed nut flavor and add that to the basket with a festive gift like Shamrock Farms Eggnog.  Being greeted with a holiday gift basket, either presented to her upon arrival or in the guest room, will make her feel welcome and appreciated.

*Ask about their family holiday traditions.  Find out ahead of time if the new family member has a family tradition that they would find fun to share.  Maybe his family all wear ugly Christmas sweaters on Christmas Eve or perhaps they have a favorite board game they like to play.  Once I married into my husband’s family, I discovered that they all eat black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day for good luck.  If your new family member honors that tradition, be sure to have some black-eyed peas on hand. To add a little kick to this traditional dish, top it off with yummy Shamrock Farms Zesty Jalapeno Sour Cream.

*Snap pictures of the holiday gathering and then make your new family member a memory book.  With online sites like Shutterfly, Snapfish and Kodak, it has never been easier or quicker to put together a scrapbook. mem bk
A few weeks after the visit, mail the finished memory book with a card thanking your new family member for spending their first holiday celebration with your family.

These are just a few ideas on how to welcome a new member to the family during the holiday season.  Chances are they may be missing their own family and feeling a tad blue; these ideas will help make them feel welcome and celebrated.

What suggestions do you have for welcoming a new family member into the family holiday celebration?  Share in the comments section because we love to share and try each other’s suggestions.  I’m wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with warm family memories.



This post was sponsored by the awesome Shamrock Farms.  My opinions about how much I love Shamrock Farms foods are 100% my own. 

Holiday Family Recipe for Pumpkin Supreme…In Cute Mason Jars, Too!

Manic:  Me and holiday cooking….I’m not very good at it!

Managed:  Remembering to make, and share, my sister-in-law’s Stephanie Harris’ family recipe for this decadent dessert that is a real crowd pleaser.  Plus it is special because it comes from generations of her family from Texas.  So a big thank you to Stephanie for letting me share it every year on my KTVK morning show, “Your Life A to Z” and this year I mixed it up a bit and made some in festive little mason jars.  Take a look and make this easy and pleasing recipe for your family this holiday season!

Note:  If video isn’t playing, simply click the view entire article right below the video screen to see segment and to print out recipe that is located on KTVK’s website.

Pleasing Pumpkin Supreme: My Sis-in-Law’s Yummy Family Recipe