Easy Chicken Pot Pie That Looks Like You Made It From Scratch

Popcorn Served Daily is an awesome blog that also has a YouTube Channel featuring recipes and cool craft projects made by the very talented Lisa Gylling.  If you haven’t checked her channel out, do so because it is full of great ideas.  So I was very flattered when she invited me to  share my easy cheat recipe for delicious chicken pot pie that looks and tastes homemade and only takes 30 minutes to make.  This recipe is perfect for a busy school night or to take to a friend in need. Plus I have an easy crust trick that you will love.  Check it out…

Refreshing Party Drinks For All That Can Be Made In Minutes

Manic:  Throwing a party (or attending one that is BYOB) and spending more time mixing drinks and less time sipping and enjoying the party because you are busy in the kitchen preparing cocktails and mocktails.

Managed:  Lisa Gylling with her Popcorn Served Daily YouTube channel!  She recently showed two tasty drink ideas, one for the grownups and one for the kiddos, that can be made in under 3 minutes.  And her margarita calls for beer as one of the ingredients!  I was intrigued, so I watched her Popcorn Served Daily YouTube video channel, made the yummy drinks and then got her permission to show them to you in my KTVK morning show segment today.  I also show how to make two non alcoholic beverages for your guests that call for fresh lime.  And one of these drinks is very healthy for you because fresh ginger is also in the beverage.  So take a look, grab a pitcher and the easy ingredients I show and you will be ready to host AND enjoy the party since these drink ideas can be made so quickly.  Cheers!  And be sure to check out Lisa’s YouTube Channel for more party recipes and lots of cool DIY home decor and more projects!

Awesome Project For Recycling/Saving Kids’ Sports Jerseys!

Manic:  After years of hockey, our son’s jerseys are taking up space and this is space in my home that I want back, but parting with these jerseys is sentimental and may not be what my son has in mind, either.

Managed:  Sharing a great YouTube video from my gal pal, the very talented Lisa Glyying about how to turn those old jerseys into a nice looking and treasured keepsake.   Take a look and be sure to subscribe to her Popcorn Served Daily YouTube channel to get all kinds of ideas from Lisa like how to collect nice home decor items from Goodwill, easy to make gift ideas and more.  You will love Lisa and you will love her Take a look….