A Plantar Fascittis Guide

Whenever I blog about my own medical experiences, I always get a good response from my readers, so when I received an opportunity to share this information about dealing with the frustrating plantar fasciitis foot condition, I was happy to do it.  I suffered from this painful ailment a few years ago and by following some of the suggestions below, I have been pain-free ever since.  I was able to avoid a cortisone injection and healed my own foot with the help of a physician and several at-home remedies.  You can see my personal story here.

If you have experience with this painful condition, share your story in the comments section. Wishing all of us healthy feet!

Courtesy Of: FeetRemedies.com




A big thank  you to Feet Remedies for sharing this sponsored infographic.  Wishing all of us healthy happy feet! 

Fab Footwear Fashions That Don’t Hurt & Some Pain Relief Tips!

Manic:  Stopping my beloved hiking trips because my feet have been hurting!

Managed:  Finally saw a terrific podiatrist!  I learned that I have plantar facitiis in one heel, heel spurs in both and a thinned-out pad under the ball of my foot!  Ouch!  No wonder I have been hurting!  So I put together this helpful 3TV segment with some tips to try if you are looking to an alternative to the cortisone shot and I found some fashionable shoes that don’t hurt and even some supportive socks that have helped my feet to feel better!  So watch the segment and let’s get your feet feeling better and looking good in some stylish shoes.  And if you need a good podiatrist, I recommend the amazing folks over at Ahwatukee Foot and Ankle Center.