Please Share! What Is Your New Year’s Resolution?

Manic:  Starting the New Year off with 10 different New Years resolutions in mind because I have a lot of room for self-improvement!

Managed:  Picking 2 out of my 10 and they are:

1.  Get exercise back in my life!  I had been hiking, but my 40-something feet did not agree with that form of exercise and gave me a lot of pain the day after each hike.  I think it was all of those years of wearing high heels.  Darn!  So, I pledge to walk and do yoga and I’m striving for 5 days a week.

2.  Pace myself!  I started doing this a few months back and my colleagues on the morning show I appear on said that they noticed that I was more relaxed, so I will continue with that.  We all feel overwhelmed, so if we can prioritize, take our chores one item at a time, celebrate what we do accomplish and accept that we can get the next item done the next day or several days later….this mindset helps to reduce the stress.  Try it!

So please share, readers!  Please take 2 quick minutes to share your New Years resolutions here in the comments section.  We manic managed moms and fabulous frenzied females (for my readers who aren’t mamas) and for the manic managed men out there (who also read my website)…..please share and let’s inspire each other! 

Happy New Year everyone!