My 3TV Everything October Segment

Here is my Everything October 3TV segment.  My segment is only 2 minutes long, but I was able to include several cool items because October brings so much fun. Traditions like pumpkin everything, Halloween, the beginning of gift shopping season and more.  And most importantly, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, too. So take a quick look at my speedy segment to see where to get Halloween wines for less, a super cool recipe photo gift idea for holiday gift giving, a low cal and healthier pumpkin muffin recipe and some pretty in pink BCA items.  It’s all here just in time for everything October.  Also links to items shown in this segment can be found below the video at the end of this article. Just look below for anything you saw in the segment that you want more information about.


Links & Info from segment topics:

*My delish Autumn Sangria recipe can be found here. 

*Hob Nob Halloween wines sell for $9.99 at Total Wine & More locations, with biggest variety at the Tempe Marketplace location.

*CVS Photo recipe cards can be ordered here.

*Pumpkin muffin recipe at MealGarden online meal planning site.  My version with spelt flour and dark chocolate chips can be found here.

*The pink Mission Belt and all colors and styles can be found at Mission Belt.

*Teresa’s Creative Gifts at this link.

*Click here for Katydid.

Terrific, Tasty & Thrifty Holiday Photo Recipe Gift Idea

Manic:  Thinking of holiday gift ideas that are festive, inexpensive, thoughtful and unique.  It is that time of year again!

Managed:  While working on a food segment with MealGarden (you have got to try this healthy online meal planning tool!), I discovered that a festive food holiday card can easily be created to accompany a food gift.  And look how good this looks.  penultimatefullsizerenderIt tastes great, too!  Get the pumpkin spice mini muffins recipe for these here.  These muffins or any of your family recipes makes a great gift idea using customized photo recipe cards.  Take a look….muffins-in-tin

Yummy homemade Pumpkin Spice Mini Muffins that are a healthier version (but just as tasty) presented in a pretty jar that I bought at Target paired with a thoughtful recipe photo gift card from CVS online photo.  I ordered my own customized photo recipe cards from CVS photo online.  Again get that link here to customize and order your holiday recipe cards.

This is such a great idea and the cast and crew on my morning show loved the pumpkin spice muffins that I brought on set to show on air.  So yummy!  A thoughtful gift because receiving food is always nice and getting the recipe instructions is an added bonus.  

I chose to show the picture of the food on my recipe card, but a photo of the family or family pet, or whatever you want, is also a fun idea.  And when your friends and family dive into these, they will enjoy every bite and thank thoughtful you!  in-jar

So try these pumpkin spice mini muffins or your favorite recipe.  Paired with the CVS photo recipe gift card, this makes the perfect and delicious gift idea.  Happy Holiday ideas.  Tis’ the season already!



A big thank you to CVS photo for the sample cards to test on  Love them!  My opinion about how much I love the recipe cards are 100% my very own. 

Meal Garden Simplifies Meal Planning & Healthy Home Cooking!

Manic:  Meal planning that is healthy, economical, organized and tasty all in one during our busy week!

Managed:  Meal Garden!  I am thrilled to find Meal Garden, a meal planning tool that is online, simple to work with, very organized and enables me to find nutritious recipes with one click.  I also receive a shopping list that accounts for what I already have on hand and then easy step-by-step instructions on how to prepare meals that my family enjoys!

And I get a succinct yet complete nutritional breakdown of these recipes provided by Meal Garden so I know what I am putting into our bodies.  I especially love this part of the membership.

I tried Meal Garden this week and I am hooked and I recommend this service to my readers.  When I logged on the Meal Garden site, I saw this….meal garden page

I was intrigued!  So here is how my first week went trying Meal Garden.  Since we are out a lot this week, I didn’t select meals for every day, but the days that I did went well.

Step 1 – I signed up for the 30 day free trial here.

Step 2 – Then I followed the super simple instructions which scheduled my selected meals.  I was very impressed with Meal Garden’s extensive recipe book.  Lots of great options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy choice snacks, too.

Once I decided on my selections, I placed them in my Meal Garden weekly meal calendar that looks like this…

I took this picture right off of my computer page, so it is a little faded, but I wanted my readers to see it how I see it because it is so awesome and easy to use!

I took this picture right off of my computer page, so it is a little faded, but I wanted my readers to see it how I see it because it is so awesome and easy to use!  So here I chose three meals (two dinners and one breakfast) for this week.  I am looking forward to a less busy week so I can choose more home cooked meals!

Scheduling meals is so easy and cool because I could specify which ingredients I desired and how long I wanted the prep time to be.  I requested a chicken recipe that would take no longer than 15 minutes prep time.  Within seconds, Meal Garden brought up a yummy recipe for Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken. As you can see in my calendar above, I also chose an oatmeal recipe and chicken noodle soup.

Then Meal Garden quickly organized my grocery list.  A handy list was provided with a check box option to check off the ingredients that I already have on hand.  So here is my final list with the items I already have hidden for a quick and easy shopping trip.  Love this! listThank you Meal Garden because I get annoyed when I buy food that I already have both for cost and storage reasons.

I love the breakfast recipe that is delish and healthy since it is a homemade delight called Apple Banana Peanut Butter Honey Oatmeal.  pboatmealNow this is one way to get my family to eat their oatmeal!  Such good fiber and a great way to start the day.

And made from scratch Chicken Noodle Soup is always a good choice.  ckn soupAnd to round out my first week trying Meal Garden, I went back to my Meal Garden site schedule to add a super simple recipe for Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  strawberriesMy family loves me for that one!

Step 3 – I printed out my grocery list (or it can be read at the store from my tablet or smart phone) and off to the store I went.  Meal Garden organizes the list by grocery aisle so shopping was a snap and much quicker since I arrived so organized thanks to Meal Garden.  And I didn’t overspend since I had already checked off what I have on hand, again thanks to Meal Garden’s prompts to do so.  I stuck to my organized meal plan and didn’t impulse buy which saved me money and unneeded calories…as well as unhealthy temptations, too!

I LOVE this about Meal Garden!

Step 4 – Time to cook!  To make the scrumptious Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken I followed the simple recipe directions that were provided by Meal Garden.  The sauce looks so good already!  Some of the fabulous ingredients include blackberry jam, garlic, soy sauce and more and you can get this recipe at Meal Garden, too! sauceIt already looks delish in the crock pot and it hasn’t even cooked yet!  in crock potI was so excited to try this and it was ready in only 4 1/2 hours.  And I could go about my day while this recipe cooked and that was very helpful since I had a plumber coming and my daughter’s doctor appointment later that day.  So how did it turn out?

So yummy!  I served it over brown rice and my family loved it.  And it makes great leftovers, too!ckn done

I am super excited to try more recipes next week!

Meal Garden also has a file that enables me to store my favorite recipes in an online recipe book.  So with one quick click, I added my faves to my new recipe book.  I will be adding the chicken recipe today since writing this article reminded me to do so.  I am able to go back and add to my recipe book at any time. cookbook optionSuch a great and helpful idea!

Meal Garden has made my job of brainstorming, planning, shopping and preparing healthy and tasty family meals SO much easier.

Definitely give this a try as they have a free 30 day trial right here.  Give it a go and you will be more organized which means that you will have more free time, too.  Plus feeling organized reduces stress and you will be giving your family and yourself home cooked nutritious meals.  I just love this concept and I love Meal Garden!