Driver’s Permit Day is Coming! Any Advice For This Anxious Mom?

Manic:  The sheer number of miles and wear and tear I put on my car with the never-ending rides my kids need to school, practice, rehearsal, appointments, games and more.

Managed:  In just 4 days, my first-born gets his driver’s permit.  Then in November, he will have his driver’s license.  I have to admit that I have mixed feelings, of both joy and anxiety.  So please give me some advice about how to best guide and teach him with his permit.

He is ready to drive me around starting next Wednesday when he gets his permit.  Am I ready?!

He is ready to drive me around starting next Wednesday when he gets his permit. Am I ready?!

Here are my questions….

1.  Did you hire a professional driving school?  I plan to for sure.  Suggestions on who to call?

2.  Did you let your child drive you on the freeway before or after the professional driving lessons occurred?

3. Do you have any rules in place while your child drives you around with the permit?  Like no radio turned on?

4.  Here in Arizona, we get six months to teach our kids how to drive, which seemed fine to me in the past, but now that our six months is starting, it doesn’ t seem so fine anymore.  Now it feels like a massive responsibility that is placed squarely on the shoulders of myself and my husband.  For those of you that have been down this road (literally), did six months seem like enough time to let your child free behind the wheel?

5.  How about advice on what types of driving skills to teach.  Defensive driving comes to my mind as well as the right-away, yielding, pedestrians rules, etc.  What additional skills did you find were helpful to teach?  How about what to do in a skid?

6.  Did you let your kid drive you around every single day during the 6-month period to get the utmost experience?

7.  When did you let your child drive you around at night?

8.  Some of you have advised that we do this in stages.  First let junior drive us around parking lots.  Then the neighborhood.  Then the side streets, main streets, followed by freeways.  Your thoughts on this?

9.  And last but not least, advice for how to manage my own Mama stress as I sit next to him teaching and guiding, but without the comfort of having my own steering wheel and brake pedal?  I will take advice in this area, too!

So as you can see, this Type A mom isn’t so sure that I’m going to be a good driving teacher, but I have no choice.  That time has arrived and it is my responsibility to get him as experienced as possible before that scary and exciting day arrives on his 16th birthday.  On that day that he so anticipates in November, I have to step back and wave goodbye to him as he drives away on his own, for the first time.  Boy, that is getting here fast now and in some ways, I’m ready and in some ways, I’m not.  Here we go.   The teenage driving journey begins!