Back To School Bargains!

Manic:  It is back to school here already!  My kids start back on August 3rd!  Time for back to school supply shopping and that can be timely and costly!

Managed:  Did the legwork for my blog readers and found some great deals including some supplies that only cost 1 cent!  Yes, you read that right…only one penny.  So read on to see the deals and to see what some of our favorite time tested picks are plus a cool school supply for parents that I wish I would have had on hand years ago.

Tried & True Tools for Back To School Success

     Manic:  Back to school supply shopping!

Managed:  Asked my kids (one is now in middle school & one is a sophomore in high school) what their best advice is for back to school tools that really hold up and helped them stayed focused in class.  They gave me some good tips to share with you, plus I threw in a few of my own mom tips when it comes to back to school organization items.  See the segment to see a good tip to help your Kindergartener adjust, the best back pack for tweens and teens that comes with a lifetime warranty and much more.  We wish you a happy and healthy back to school season.  For my readers outside of Arizona, we start back on Monday, believe it or not!