From the Corn on the Cob to the Cookies: It’s All Good At Hillside Spot Cafe!

I am an unofficial foodie.  I’m not a food expert, chef or even much of a cook. 

But I can eat out with the best of them.  I could have trained to be a restaurant critic because I love to eat and I absolutely love to dine out.  And if restaurant food didn’t shrink my budget and enlarge my body, then I’d eat out every day if I could. 

Since I can’t get my daily nourishment from restaurants and because my time is precious and my wallet is thin, I choose wisely where I dine. 

So I will include weekly restaurant picks under my Food category on this site.  I will tell you where my favorite foods live when it comes to local fare. 

Last week I recommended the very healthy and delicious Pomegranate Cafe.  Today’s post spotlights another Ahwatukee eatery that has enhanced the neighborhood with local organic foods.  Several recent magazine articles have also given this place a hearty and healthy thumbs up and it’s called Hillside Spot Cafe.

Located on 48th Street and Warner Rd., this is my favorite place for fantastic fries, corn on the cob, pulled pork sandwich, salmon, chocolate chip cookies and more.  I know that is quite the list, but I’m telling you, it is all good here!

Let’s start with the french fries.  If I am going to indulge in fatty fries, then they have to be worth every calorie that I count.  Go ahead and stop counting if you order them here, because they are just worth it. 

Never frozen, these tators are hand cut and are simply the best fries that I have ever tried.  This is pretty much the only place that I will allow myself to indulge in french fries.  Don’t we moms deserve an occassional french fry?  I say yes!  And now on to the corn!

When my son first saw the unique corn on the cob, he was unsure about the thick coating peppered with red paprika.  He took one bite and never looked back.  He and his teenage friends now order it every time.  

Hillside calls the corn “Callejero Style” and is happy to share their secret sauce that covers it.  Cotija cheese, smoked paprika and a certain type of mayo called aioli coat the corn making it scrumptious and irresistible.

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