Green Tea Weight Loss Update

Last week I posted that I had gained several pounds.  When I looked back at what I had done differently that week, I realized that I had skipped my daily dose of green tea. 

I typically buy it from Starbucks.  I always make sure that I order the unsweetened version.  I also buy the Venti size and refill the same cup with water all day long. 

After I wrote wondering if my lack of green tea resulted in a 3-lb weight gain, several of you wonderful readers emailed me that you agree with that assessment. 

Then this morning when I stopped to buy the gorgeous green tea pictured here another gal I know who works at Starbucks told me that she notices the same thing.  She told me that when she stops drinking her daily dose of green tea, she finds herself up a few pounds.  Interesting.

And guess what ladies?  Yes, I’m now down 2 1/2 lbs. after going back to my daily green tea.  For the last four days, I have purchased my big ol’ glass of green tea AND refilled the cup with water all day long. 

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Daily Fit Tip: Seriously, Get Your Eyes Checked!

Today’s daily fit tip is not about exercise or nutrition, but instead the importance of getting that body of yours checked out from head to toe.   Did you know that you may have a mole on your eye-ball? 

A routine visit to my eye doctor several years ago showed me that I have more moles than I thought.  And I never thought that I would have one on my eye-ball! 

Weird, but true and it has to be watched to make sure that the mole doesn’t turn cancerous.  If I didn’t know it was there, then we wouldn’t be able to watch it. 


Manic:  Not making time to have your eyes checked because you are too busy.  Plus if you have perfect vision, you may have never thought that it is important to see an eye doctor, but it is.

Managed:  Making time to schedule an appointment.  Admit it,  you remember to schedule doc appointments for everyone else, but forget yourself.  So read this and then make two appointments, one with an eye doctor and another one with a dermatologist to have all of those other moles checked out, too.

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Daily Fit Tip: Don’t Drink Your Calories

I once had a friend tell me that he stays away from sodas because he didn’t need to drink his calories.  Although I would have to say that the exception is an occasional glass of good wine.  To me, that glass is worth the calories!

In the last week or so, I’ve gained about 3 pounds.  Bummer!  So, I started thinking about what I’ve done differently. The one major change I’ve made, but didn’t mean to do, was to stop drinking my daily green tea.  This is interesting to me because I had read somewhere that green tea may help with weight loss.
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Daily Fit Tip: Put Your Best Shoe Forward!

Manic:  Fell on my bum coming down the mountain three months ago because I didn’t take the time to buy the right shoes!

Managed:  Made time to buy the right shoes, which I will tell you about, so keep on reading!

First of all, if you’ve been following my daily fit tips (and thank you!), I did, indeed, meet my gal pal today for a fantastic hike up and down South Mountain.  Love this trail!

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Daily Fit Tip: Promises, promises!

Manic:  Woke up to a sick teenager, which isn’t fun for anyone!  So I wasn’t sure if I was going to get my promised workout in today.

Managed:  Promised my younger kid that I would walk a nearby trail with her on her bike.  And because I promised her that we would do this, believe me, she held me to it!  So my fitness tips for today are:

1.  Promise your child that you will do a physical activity together and it will get done!  Better yet, include the word “today,” and it will get done!

2.  Go on a walk with your child on a bike.  You will be amazed how fast you can run when they ride out of your sight.  So if you want to burn more calories, you walk while they ride.  Your body moves and you and your children bond.

Waiting for her slow, but moving, manic managed mom to catch up!

And today’s movement was free with some unexpected hard cardio when I ran to keep up with my kid! 

When I promised the daily fit tip section on this site, I never promised that I would log miles or distance.  The idea is to find an activity every day that makes my manic managed mama body move! 

I’ll be back with another daily fit tip tomorrow…and that’s a promise!

Daily Fit Tip: Fitting Fitness In

For today’s daily fit tip, I’m sharing some wisdom from a favorite website of mine called Vital Juice Daily (VJD).  Today’s VJD newsletter says that 20 or 25 minute workouts will get the job done. 

Hooray I say!  Truly finding time to manage a workout into my manic schedule is a mental workout in itself!  So that was good news to read!

The article goes on to say that if you have to choose between cardio and weights, go for the cardio and ramp up the intensity.  In addition to keeping you trim, your mood, heart and lungs will all benefit. 

Now on to what I did today to keep my fitness promise.  And I did it in 25 minutes…

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Daily Fit Tip: The Shake Weight

MANIC:  I promised you the Wii Fit Plus review but, note to self, don’t buy game parts used!  The Wii balance board that you stand on to get your weight, body mass index and more did not sync with my system.  So after I take that back to the store and get a brand new one, I’ll get back to Wii Fit Plus.  That was a manic moment of frustration!

MANAGED:  However I made a promise to get my body moving again and with only an hour left before my son’s pregame arrival time, I remembered a fitness purchase that I made a few months ago, so I found the box in my closet and dusted it off.

Did you ever see those made-for-TV ads for the Shake Weight?  I did and I kept seeing the box at Walgreen’s, so I finally bought one for $30, but promptly forgot about it when I returned home to my manic managed life.

Well since my Wii workout didn’t work out and I was short on time, as usual, I grabbed my $30 5-lb Shake Weight, and the DVD it came with, and went to work. 

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