Halloween Decor Designed By A Tween That Didn’t Cost A Dime

Happy Halloween and if you are reading this on Saturday, I hope you had a wonderful and safe Halloween. This year we did not spend one cent on Halloween decorations and for my Halloween loving daughter, that was a sacrifice.  Although we have been so crazy busy this year, that she didn’t ask for anything new and we didn’t even decorate until the night before the big day, which is very unlike my girl.  She absolutely loves and looks forward to this day that is filled with ghosts and goblins. She came up with some fun and free Halloween decor ideas.  Take a look, file it in your memory bank and do this next year to save money.

*Simple Snake Idea — She simply took our garden hose, made a snake head and placed it by her makeshift sign that consisted of an upside down shovel stuck in the ground with a piece of white paper attached to the handle that reads “Beware of  (Killer) Snake” and this is all stuff we had on hand, so it was free!shovel sign


*Flying Ghost — Use your shrubs and bushes to give the illusion of a flying witch or in this case a flying ghost that my girl simply made with an old white sheet and a sharpie.  Love it!IMG_6127

*Eerie Buried Body  — For this my girl took a pair of jeans, stuffed the legs with newspaper, added Cowboy boots and stuck the top under a big rock so it looks like a buried body is exposed.  So clever and again free! Halloween legs decor

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