My Morning Show Segment – Dry Scalp & Skin Solutions

Manic:  Dry scalp, chapped lips, dry skin and more can all be pesky side effects of allergy season and of living in a dry climate.

Managed:  Found some all natural remedies as well as some product picks to fix these annoying ailments, so take a look as I showed these tips in a recent morning show segment on KTVK’s “Your Life A to Z” show…. 3TV | Phoenix Breaking News, Weather, Sport

My Top Product & Food/Recipe Picks from my 2013 Segments

Here they are….my top picks from all of the things that I tested for my lifestyle morning show segments in 2013.  My favorite family on-the-go snack bar, favorite healthy homemade snack recipe, my favorite fashions, beauty products, get organized tool and more.  Take a look and let me know if you tried any of these products and ideas from  my segments. And stay tuned because I will be showing what’s new in 2014 beauty products, fashions and more the rest of this month.  For now, here are my 2013 top picks from all of the stuff that I get to test, that many of you wrote in to tell me that you liked, too….

Freebie Friday Winner

Who is our Freebie Friday winner today?

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This week’s Freebie Friday winner is:

Janet Rosenquist from Tempe, AZ! 

(winner selected through

Janet won:

A festive and fun frosted Pilsner glass and a pretty hand-painted wine glass, both from Designs by Lolita and a fun set of pretty ornament wine charms, too.  I showed these cool glasses in my recent KTVK Holiday Cocktails segment.  Janet can keep these fun glasses for her own cocktail hour or give as creative holiday gifts!

Congratulations Janet and thank you for being a subscriber!

And what is next week’s prize?











This week’s bag of goodies are from my Top 2012 Beauty Picks KTVK morning show segment that I showed this week.  The winner gets my all time #1 favorite face cream called First Aid Beauty 5-in-1 Face Cream with SPF 30.  Also included is my #1 favorite dry skin solution for feet, the very cool Toe Juice line that is sold at Walgreens.  Several other great items are also included, so good luck everyone!



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My Annual List of My Top Ten Beauty Products from the Year

Manic:  The number of beauty products that I test every year for my KTVK morning show segments!

Managed:  Keeping track throughout the year what products became (or remained) my favorites so that I can give you my annual top picks.