Daily Fit Tip: Seriously, Get Your Eyes Checked!

Today’s daily fit tip is not about exercise or nutrition, but instead the importance of getting that body of yours checked out from head to toe.   Did you know that you may have a mole on your eye-ball? 

A routine visit to my eye doctor several years ago showed me that I have more moles than I thought.  And I never thought that I would have one on my eye-ball! 

Weird, but true and it has to be watched to make sure that the mole doesn’t turn cancerous.  If I didn’t know it was there, then we wouldn’t be able to watch it. 


Manic:  Not making time to have your eyes checked because you are too busy.  Plus if you have perfect vision, you may have never thought that it is important to see an eye doctor, but it is.

Managed:  Making time to schedule an appointment.  Admit it,  you remember to schedule doc appointments for everyone else, but forget yourself.  So read this and then make two appointments, one with an eye doctor and another one with a dermatologist to have all of those other moles checked out, too.

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