Finicky Family Recipe: Quick Orange Chicken with Extra Veggies & Brown Rice

Manic:  Not much time before practice and my teenager has announced to me no more eating out!  Wow, he wants to get healthy.  That’s awesome!  However, I didn’t have much time.

Managed:  On my last grocery trip, I grabbed a quick fix orange chicken packet mix for days like this manic day.  I decided to give the packet a try and if the family didn’t like it, well, there is always Subway on the way to practice. 

The verdict:  Not bad, not bad at all.  Family happily ate the orange chicken along with a healthy salad and fruit, so soon we were on our way to practice with full bellies and an ontime schedule. 

Plus I was able to sneak in extra veggies and brown rice without one little comment from my personal peanut gallery. 

Here is how I did it:

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