Take the Pledge: No Texting & Driving Teens…and All Ages!

Wow!  That is all I can say.  I don’t even watch a lot of reality shows and I usually don’t watch “Extreme Home Makeover,” but when I went to record my favs, “Desperate Housewives” and “Brothers and Sisters,” a little voice told me to instead tape “Extreme Home Makeover” tonight.  So I did.

So, as my family watched “Extreme Home Makeover” and I immediately and gratefully understood why I decided, out of the blue, to go ahead and tape that show.  It was all about a family whose first-born daughter lost her life because she chose to text and drive. 

So many teens choose to text and drive.  And let’s admit it, many adults do, too. 

I, myself, have been tempted.  When that little ding goes off and I know that someone is trying to reach me right then and there, boy have I been tempted to take my eyes off the road for a spilt second to take a quick peek.  And I haven’t, but I sure have looked…and texted back…at red lights.  I fully admit that.

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