A Crucial Contact Sports Safety Tip

Manic:  Me through the years watching my boy play hockey since the 2nd grade.  At times, I definitely worried about injuries and especially with the many missing teeth hockey jokes I heard.

hockey (1)

This was several years ago when we got to compete in Nationals. We came home with a medal, but with a broken wrist, too!

Managed:  Fortunately, so far my boy’s injuries have been minor with one broken wrist and one broken ankle that both healed beautifully.  We always made sure that he had the best helmet available and wore his mouth gard, so that his face and head have been protected.  

So when local dentist John Dougherty D.D.S., MAGD offered to share his tips about protecting a kid’s smile and mouth during contact sports, I thought this was a great idea and he has some good information that all parents of kids who play contact sports should know about, so read on about the importance and care of mouth guards.


Dr. Dougherty says:

 Guard their grins: How to keep your child’s smile safe in contact sports

You’ve spent a lot of time and money taking care of your child’s teeth, but nothing wipes the smile off a young athlete’s face, or yours, faster than an accident on the field, court or ice.  Sport accidents can leave kids with broken teeth, fractured jaws and lacerated tongues, sometimes adding up to thousands of dollars in damage.

Safe practices:

The good news is that as your kids gear up for a new sport season a mouth guard can help keep them safe and smiling. In fact, according to the American Dental Association, an athlete is 60 times less likely to sustain a tooth injury when wearing a mouth guard!  This is a significant statistic for sure. [Read more…]