Some Of My Most Popular Blog Tidbits

To celebrate my blog’s 4th anniversary, I got to share some of my most read articles on my morning show recently.  I only had time to share a few so I chose some of the posts that happen to be my favorite, too.  So check this out to see me make our homemade and very […]

New Year, New You With Tips From Makeup Artist Karen Hall

Manic:  Me looking in the mirror seeing how my appearance is changing as I proceed through my 40s. I try to not let the new fine lines, puffy eyes and wrinkles bother me, but it does. Managed: Getting some great advice on this topic from Professional/Celebrity Makeup Artist Karen Hall.  Look at what she says […]

Top Beauty Product Picks by Three Top Experts

Manic:  The beauty product aisles, ads and campaigns!  With so much to choose from, how do we streamline our picks to stay on a beauty budget? Managed:  Since we are lucky to have three top beauty experts on our writing team, I decided to ask them what their top picks are when it comes […]