Our Harris Home Cats Featured In Magazine Article!

Our household has four fab felines who recently became celebrities with a magazine article all about them!  Yes, Tucker, Stanley, Lucy and Sadie are the star of the show this month.mag spreadFoothills Living Magazine writer Stephanie Hayden asked to interview our four very spoiled furry family members and the cats gave me their blessing to speak on their behalf.  The article is now running in the November issue of Foothills Living Magazine and the kitties would be disappointed if their proud cat mom didn’t share it here in my blog, so take a look and remember to also be thankful for the pets in our lives during this holiday season.  Four cats can be a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but they give us a lot of laughs and love.  How exactly did we end up with 4 of them, two boys and two girls?!  The answer is here in the short and fun article about our spoiled kitty cats….

Page 1 Picture

1st page picsPage 1 Text

page 1 cats

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last page picsThat is our kitty story and the kitties are sticking to it!  A big thank you to Stephanie Hayden for writing such a nice article about the fab feline foursome.  They are more than a little impressed with themselves that they are featured in a magazine this month!  Tell us about your precious pets in the comments section because we are also managed moms to our furry kids, too.

Fab Feline Tips

I am not only the mother of a teen son and tween daughter, but I also have two boys, of the feline kind. I highly recommend a pet of some sort because these two fabulous felines love me unconditionally, during my manic and managed moments, even if they do interrupt my not-so-fun laundry chores, as you can see in the photo.

They are definitely the calm members of our busy, type-A family! We adopted our boys from the local humane society three years ago and my son named the fat black & white one “Tucker” and my daughter chose the name “Stan” for the slender orange cat. They think they are my blog assistants since they love to cuddle up to me and my keyboard each time I log on!

So in addition to my blogs about beauty tips, parenting, family travel and food, I will also occasionally write about the boys, too. I welcome any kitty advice or stories that you have as well!

My fab feline tip for today is to try the Greenies cat treats. They make them for dogs, too and are healthy and good for their teeth. Each treat is less than two calories and that is crucial for us, as poor Tucker has been put on a diet. (For the record, I’ve never had a fat cat before so Tuck and I are learning together!) The treats have healthy vitamins and minerals, but DO NOT have artificial colors, preservatives or flavors. I found my Ocean flavor bag of treats at our local Petco. Stan and Tucker LOVE these treats.

And thanks Mom because my very healthy mother told me about Greenies.

Ok, time to make breakfast for the family, do the laundry, unpack and oh yes, pet and play with the cats!