Creative Spring Break Suggestions? Try Asking Your Kids

Manic:  I quickly agree with my kids’ wishes to schedule multiple play dates over Spring Break.  Then I wonder where the week went, why we are all tired and what we missed.  However, one managed mom I know did something smart…

Managed:  My gal pal, a mother of 3, sat her family down to ask each person what special activity would be fun to do during Spring Break.  Hmm, I hadn’t thought to ask my kids this.

She asked her family to take some time to think about a local attraction that would be interesting to visit right here in our home state.  Her tween and two teens had some great answers!

One of her kids asked to see the Body Worlds exhibit ( at the Arizona Science Center (   Great!  An educational request.  I am impressed.  My kids and I have done this, but it was my idea, not theirs.

Her other child told her that a hike up one of our nearby mountain trails would be fun (  I did this one with my kids last year, but I suggested it and I picked the mountain trail.  I hadn’t thought to ask them where they would like to hike or bike.

A third suggestion was to take a walk through the art galleries that are housed in old town Scottsdale (  An artistic idea that also combines exercise.  Love it!

A drive up to beautiful Prescott ( was also suggested.

Kayaking on Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona

I must admit that I am rather impressed with the thoughtful ideas her kids shared.  Exercise, art, an educational exhibit…and the best part is that this cool Mom agreed to all of  it.  And they will all go to each other’s suggested spots together, as a family. 

I never thought to ask my own kiddos what local attractions might interest them.  And now that I think about it, we just might have one or two unplanned days left on our agenda.  So, I guess I will ask my tween and teen this question.  Their answers should be interesting, at least I’m hoping for that!

I’m hoping that their answers will be as thoughtful as my friend’s three children’s ideas are.  And if not, then I’ve got a job to do. 

I’ve got to get them thinking about all of the cool stuff that our city and state has to offer, right here in our own backyard.  Plus, if folks can swing it, our admission dollars are just what our struggling economy needs right now.

If your family does come up with a unique idea, be sure to call ahead, as a lot of places offer discounted days and deals.  You just have to ask.

What cool local attractions are you and your family planning to see this Spring Break?  Share your plans here in the comments section to give us fellow Spring Break parents some ideas that will get us off the couch and into the action.

Happy Spring Break.  Have fun 🙂 Review of Body Worlds

Several years ago I took my son to see the Body Worlds exhibit.  He was 11 years old.  Three days ago I took my 9-year-old to see the exhibition at the Arizona Science Center (  Friends have asked me if I think the display is appropriate for kids.  That I can’t answer for you, as that is truly a decision for each individual family to decide for themselves.  But I can tell you my opinion of the exhibit and about my kids’ reactions.

BODY WORLDS & The Brain ( is on display at the Arizona Science Center through March 27th.  Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ world-famous exhibition shows an inside-view of the human body.  With over 200 authentic human specimens preserved in a process called Plastination, the bodies look more like mannequins, which made my kids feel comfortable to view.

One benefit for my kids is that healthy versus diseased organs are shown, highlighting the importance of making good choices when it comes to diet and exercise.  Seeing the exhibit truly hit that point home with my children.

However, parents take note…exposed genitals are shown on some of the bodies.  That was a surprise to me and my kids noticed and commented on that fact!

The Body Worlds website says that specimens on display stem from the Institute for Plastination’s unique body donation program, which von Hagens began in 1983.  There are more than 9,000 body donors on the Institute’s body donation roster.

When my kids wanted to know where the bodies came from, I told them about the donation roster.

So, for me, I was comfortable walking with my children through the exhibit.  However, I do recommend visiting the Arizona Science Center website ( to see photos of the exhibit and read more information, so that you can make an informed decision for your own family.

For more information about the Body Worlds exhibit currently on display at the Arizona Science Center, visit  The official Body Worlds site can be accessed at