This Weeks Pet Pic Melts My Heart: Meet One Eyed Willy

Meet One Eyed Willy….willy

My friend, Jamie fosters cats and has been doing so for a while now (she is a very special woman indeed). She is experienced, compassionate and her supportive family have kept some of the felines that they have friended, while finding great homes for the other special cats that they have fostered.  This little boy is different from the others that Jamie has taken in.  Jamie shares Willy’s story….

Jamie says:

I received a call from the Arizona Humane Society last weekend asking if I was able to foster. They had a list of available cats in need of a good foster home.  After they told me about the first kitty on the list, I knew that I wanted to help.  The cat was a stray, and he is about a year and a half old.  He had his right eye removed.  He seemed scared.  When I brought him home he wouldn’t come out of his kennel.  He also had a cone on his head. When we finally got him out of the kennel he seemed very lost.  He stayed very low to the ground and tried to smell his way around the room.  He also wouldn’t raise his tail which is very unusual for cats. I bathed him and held him in the towel so I could cuddle him and look him over while he was in my arms.

willyWhen I was holding him in the towel he was in bright sunlight and yet his pupil was so enlarged.  Then I noticed that he really couldn’t find his way around the room.  He was banging into the walls and trying to find a safe place.  I gave him some food by mouth and he seemed so grateful.  I told them what I observed and they said that they try to find rescue groups for pets like him but I’d really love to find a safe, comfortable home for him.  Willy is special.  The information I received says that he had head trauma.  No animal deserves that abuse!!

Jamie is so right!  No animal deserves that!  We here at managedmoms are praying that Willy finds a good and loving home.  Jamie is really pulling for her Willy and we are, too!  If you are interested in learning more about Willy to consider adopting this sweet boy, please email me at [email protected] and I will put you in touch with Jamie and with the wonderful Willy. 


Guest Post from Figaro the Cat & $50 Petco Gift Card Giveaway!

Editor’s Note:  A few weeks ago we told you about subscriber Catherine Holland’s loss of her beloved cat, Hercules to illness.  She shared a nice tribute with us about him.  She has since adopted a very special boy named Figaro and we get to hear in his word’s how his new human is adjusting.  This is a fun and heart-warming story that celebrates pet rescue!  Plus read on for your chance to win a $50 PETCO GIFT CARD!  AND the winner also gets to select an animal charity that Fig’s mom and will donate to, made in your name!  All thanks to the kindness of Catherine, who wants to celebrate adopting Figaro!  So read this story, written by one clever cat, because it will make you smile…

figFigaro says:

Being a human guardian is a lot of work. Like a lot a lot. You can ask any cat. Or even a dog, I suppose. But you don’t have to because I can tell you from personal experience.

My name is Figaro. I’m 8 months old and I recently ‘dopted a human of my very own.

I met my human, I call her Mama, at the lots-of- kitties, also called the Arizona Humane Society, place almost a month ago. Her eyes were leaking a little — it’s a weird human thing — and she seemed kinda sad. I knew immediately that I had to have her.

I let her hold me. I put my paws on her chest and purred and purred and purred as hard as I could. fig-pawsThat seemed to make her happy. The lady with Mama, I call her Grandma, said I sounded like a Maserati. I’m not sure what that is, but she sounded way impressed.

I knew I had to make Mama mine (while making her think she was picking me), but another guy at the lots-of-kitties place, James, wanted her, too. I won Mama in the end, but don’t feel bad for James. He found a whole family of humans to ‘dopt.

So Mama took me home — I didn’t like the box I was in so I clawed my way out — and when I first got there, I smelled another kitty. Another boy kitty. I tried to find him, but I couldn’t. And I looked everywhere. Lotsa times. I was the only feline in the whole place. window pic

I knew Mama’s care was completely in my paws, which meant I had lots to do.

Every day, I let her feed me and play with me and pet me and even clean my litter box. When her eyes get leaky, I purr and try to make her laugh. When she’s bored at night and just laying there, I bring her my crinkle balls to play with. Sometimes I have to chew on them to make them crackle so she knows they’re there.

I’m trying to teach her to speak kitty. She’s got the sounds down, I think, but she makes no sense at all. It’s like she’s just saying random words that don’t even go together. I don’t have the heart to tell her that, so I just pretend to understand what she’s saying.

I also don’t always get the names she calls me — babycat, herc, goofball, kleptokitty, destructoboy and hercules, to name a few — but I’m pretty sure they’re all affectionate. relaxing

I know she loves me because she gives me crazy good ear and cheek scratches, belly rubs and butt pats. I didn’t have to train her at all!

While I’ve only been caring for Mama for a month, I think I’m doing a pretty god job. She doesn’t seem quite as sad as that first day I saw her. I love her, but humans are such strange creatures. I heard a good description in something she was watching on the picture box — “high maintenance.” If that means “a lotta work,” like I think it does, then it totally applies .

She’s worth the effort, though. Especially since she knows — and accepts — that I’m the boss of her. polite paws

That said, it’s time for my nap. Humans are exhausting.

Oh, before I forget, I’m having such a good time with Mama it made me want to do something nice for somebody else.

Since I can only handle one human by myself I’m using my allowance to give one of Miss Rachel’s readers a $50 Petco gift card (via e-mail because I’m not allowed outside to go to the store; and I can’t drive).  To be in the drawing to win the $50 Petco gift card, simply email your name and email address to [email protected]  She will announce the lucky human winner this Wednesday morning, February 13th at 9am, so good luck!  Must be 18 years old to enter.  Email your entry now and good luck!  (Winner drawn through

Purrrrrrr, zzzzz…

About our guest post feline writer, Figaro Holland:

fig-upside-downFigaro Holland is an exuberant 8-month-old bundle of fur — a domestic medium hair — with a fabulous tail of which he is quite proud. A Good Samaritan found Figaro and a friend and took them to the Arizona Humane Society in October 2012. He adopted his mom, Catherine, on Jan. 11, 2013. Fig’s hobbies include crinkle-ball hunting, foam-tube chasing, felt-mouse throwing, scratching-post climbing, extensive grooming and, of course, marathon napping. He excels at all of them.


Fig’s Mom, Catherine says:

You’ve already read Figaro’s version of how we came to be together and I think he did a pretty good job, especially for a kitten. And yes, he has a truly lovely tail and a fabulous rumbling purr that I can hear from across the room. I think it was his purr that won me over. That and the fact that black cats tend to have a hard time finding loving forever homes. (I also dig his cute little fangs.) fig fangs

I have to admit that I do call him Herc and Hercules from time to time. It’s a habit that’s more than 12 years old, but I’m getting better. And besides, he knows I’m talking to him.

By the way, my felinese can’t be that bad. Fig usually looks a little startled when I meow at him, but he always answers.  By the way, if anyone is high maintenance (we were watching “When Harry Met Sally”), it’s him. (If he’s going to quote movies, I might have to keep a close eye on what he watches.)

We’ve only lived together for a month and we are still getting to know each other’s routines, likes, dislikes and foibles, but I think Figaro and I are a good match. An excellent match, really.

Still, there are, of course, a few specific things on which we have disparate views.

Figaro: When Mama gets in bed and turns out the light, she really wants to play.

Me: When Mama gets in bed and turns out the light, she really wants to sleep.

Figaro: Everything is a toy! Including Mama’s bare feet.

Me: Not everything is a toy. Mama’s bare feet, especially, are not toys.

Although he continues to insist that bedtime is playtime and that my scratched-up feet are his prey, Figaro’s inherent cuteness garners instant forgiveness. He has this habit of looking at me upside down. Melts my heart every time.

Figaro has such a fantastic personality and is endlessly entertaining. Exhausting, for sure, I wish I had even a tiny fraction of his energy, but always entertaining — even when he’s dangling by his claws from the back of my chair. I also envy him his ability to fall asleep the minute he closes his eyes.

While I still miss my Hercules, naturally, I adore my new furkid and am so happy to have him.  I look forward to having him take care of me for a long, long time. I am completely aware that he’s the boss of me. And he knows it.

Since he’s giving away a gift card (with his allowance?), I’ll add a matching donation to the pet charity of the winner’s choice!

That said, it’s time for a nap. Kittens are exhausting.


About our guest writer, Fig’s Mom…Cat Holland:

Catherine Holland, aka Cat, is a senior producer for 3TV’s website, That rare thing known as an Arizona native, Catherine joined 3TV in 1995, starting out as a writer for the station’s flagship show, “Good Morning! Arizona.” (That’s how she met Manic Managed Mom Rachel.) She made the move to online media in 2000. Catherine has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of South California. (Go Trojans!) A self-proclaimed “girly geek,” she loves gadgets, gizmos and all varieties of technology although she has yet to jump on the iPad bandwagon.

No compensation was provided by Petco.  The gift card comes 100% from our guest writer, Figaro the cat and his human Mom.  They want to celebrate Fig’s adoption by sharing a gift and a donation to a pet charity, too.  Very nice! 




Weekly Pet Post: Honoring Hercules

As we do every week, today we post several pet pics from one of our faithful readers who is nursing her broken heart after the recent loss of her loving cat, Hercules. Hercule’s mom, Catherine (appropriately called Cat for short) is a dear friend of mine and I was touched by an email that she sent me about the passing of her faithful feline.  I invited her to share those words with us to honor Hercules and to reach out to those of you dealing with the loss of a pet.

Although we adopt animals knowing that we will almost certainly outlive them, it doesn’t make the loss any easier.  Even though their little heart has stopped beating, our hearts beat harder with the love that they gave us, that unconditional love that only a furry friend can truly provide in just that special way.   And bookmark this article because Cat shares several important links that are very helpful when it comes to the loss of a pet.  If you have a pet, chances are that you may need one of these helpful links someday.  So read on to hear Cat’s story about her cool cat and enjoy the pictures of just how beautiful her Hercules was in life and remains in her human’s mom memory.

Cat says: As pet parents, chances are we will be faced with a difficult decision at some point.  Difficult doesn’t begin to describe it, but because our pets do not live as long as us humans, end-of-life decisions — barring accidents — are all but inevitable. And the goodbyes are never easy.  I’ve had to say goodbye to four cats, five if you count my sister’s.  First was family cat Twinkles. She was diabetic and her quality of life had seriously deteriorated, prompting my parents to do the humane thing and have her put to sleep. I was 12, so my parents did not let me go with them to the vet. I said good-bye to her at home.

Next was family cat Pharoah. He suffered from kidney failure. Like Twinkles, he let my parents know when it was time. The whole family went with him. By then I was in my 20s, and I had my first my cat, Abu, to go home to. When it was Boo’s time to go, there was no warning and no decision to be made. I was picking him up from boarding after a vacation in August 2000. I placed his carrier on the passenger seat of my car and by the time I walked around to the driver’s side, he was gone. It was that fast. He was 4 and had an undiagnosed heart condition, probably feline cardiomyopathy. A couple of weeks after losing Abu, I adopted Hercules. We had more than 12 years together.


On Dec. 17, 2012, I lost him. This was the first time I had to make an end-of-life decision on my own. I chose to keep him home with me. Not only did he hate — and I mean hate — the vet, there was nothing the vet could do. The trauma/drama of a vet visit aside, Herc had been sick enough that I didn’t think he could handle anything invasive, and that was all that was left. As long as he didn’t seem to be in pain and had a relatively good quality of life, I decided to let him call the shots. I knew what was coming, but that did not make it any easier. My baby held on as long as he could — longer than I thought possible.

When it was time for him to go, he was lying on my chest, where I firmly believe he wanted to be. I won’t lie. It sucked. But I was comfortable with the decision and am sure I did right by him. Such decisions are intensely personal — between pet and parent. While there really is no right answer, there are several things to consider — practical, emotional, physical, and, and much as I hate to say it, financial.

Then there’s the decision of what to do with the remains. Your vet should be able to handle this or at least point you in the right direction. Because Hercules died at home, I had a slightly different situation. With my mom’s help, I had planned ahead to have All Animals Rescue & Transportation pick him up. Yes, that sucked, too. But the technician was kind and understanding.

PALS is also an excellent option. Both services can return your pet’s cremains to you. I did not go that route, but I know several who have. Again, it’s all about what’s right for you. The PALS website also offers a variety of resources to help pet parents through what is surely an incredibly hard time. There is also a list of ideas to memorialize your pet.

Regardless of how it comes about, losing a beloved pet can be devastating and that’s not something everybody understands. While some people might say, “It’s just an animal,” we pet parents know different. “They’re family. I don’t care what anybody else says,” a co-worker said to me the day after Hercules died. Bless him, he’s right.

Most of my friends are pet people. Those who aren’t know that I am. All of them (including Ms. Rachel) have been, and continue to be, extremely supportive. That’s exactly what I’ve needed. Losing a pet brings about another decision — if and when to open your heart and home to a new furkid.

While the ASPCA recommends waiting at least a month before bringing home a new pet, I think it’s another personal decision. You’ll know when you’re ready. For me, there is no if.  I require feline supervision in my day-to-day life, so the only issue is when. I waited two weeks after Boo died. This time it will be a bit longer and it will be the longest I have been catless in my entire life. I’m not quite ready to venture to the Arizona Humane Society shelter yet, but I can feel it coming. I know there’s somebody out there who needs me, just as Hercules did once upon a time. And I believe that the willingness to let another cat into my heart is one of the best ways I can honor him and all of those who came before. 


About our guest writer, Cat Holland:

Catherine Holland, aka Cat, is a senior producer for 3TV’s website, That rare thing known as an Arizona native, Catherine joined 3TV in 1995, starting out as a writer for the station’s flagship show, “Good Morning! Arizona.” (That’s how she met Manic Managed Mom Rachel.) She made the move to online media in 2000. Catherine has a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from the University of South California. (Go Trojans!) A self-proclaimed “girly geek,” she loves gadgets, gizmos and all varieties of technology although she has yet to jump on the iPad bandwagon.

Weekly Pet Pic: Meet Jenny & Cleopatra-The Circle of Life!

Last week we honored the passing of one of our subscriber’s cat, K.D. who lived to be 19 years old!  K.D.’s family includes two kids who adored her.

Mama Marty decided to take her grieving kids to the Arizona Humane Society, where there is an overabundance of homeless kitties.  Marty and her family did not leave empty-handed!  Take a look…


Meet Cleopatra!

Meet Jenny the new kitty!

We are so  happy for your new additions!  Thanks for sharing!

Do you have any advice for bringing new kitties home?

Since we adopted little Lucy in May, our best advice is to give the kitties lots of love and playtime!  So much fun and how cool that two adorable cats have been rescued. Cleopatra and Jenny represent the circle of life, as J.D. lives on in the family’s hearts. Congratulations to Cleo and Jenny’s new humans!

Send us your pet pics!  We love to get them and post them every weekend to remind us humans to relax with our four-legged friends for a bit!  Have a good Sunday and a wonderful fall break for those of you enjoying  a week off of school this week!

Weekly Pet Pic: Humane Society Handsome

This is my favorite picture of Tucker.  I think he is so handsome and he keeps himself well-groomed.  I’m always proud to tell folks that he came from the pound three years ago.  He is one handsome humane society find.  I definitely recommend adopting your next pet from your local humane society.

Tucker (named by my son) is a great cat.  No accidents, ever.  He and his adopted brother litter-trained instantly.  He is great with kids.  He is good with our other adopted boy, our orange cat, Stanley, that appears often in my weekly pet pic.  And if you are sick, he will stay with you until the virus has vanished.  A few months ago, my friend Julie noticed that Tucker stayed by her son’s side until it was time to go.  We were all having dinner and her little boy got suddenly sick, so he laid down by her boy and Mr. Tucker did not leave his side until her little boy got up to go home.

And he is funny.  I’ve posted this picture before, but it’s worth putting it here, too.  I mean how many cats do you know that do daily yoga poses?!  And he sits like this every day! 

Oh and I should mention, our Tucker has lost weight since this photo was taken.  I knew he was getting fat, so we put him on a vet-recommended diet and he is looking trimmer these days!

So the next time you are considering adopting a pet, look no further than your local humane society.  Just look at this handsome ham that we found!  He is loved, he knows he’s loved and he gives us love right back. 

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone 🙂