Transitioning Desert Fashions from Summer to Fall to Winter

Manic:  Figuring out how to wear my fall fashions this time of year here in Phoenix when it is cool in the mornings, hot in the afternoon and then chilly in our October/November evenings.

Managed:  Asked my friend and fashion expert, Heather who owns The Purple Skirt Boutique and is an expert fashion buyer and stylist.  She showed me a few pieces and gave me some good tips on how to stretch our budget beauty dollar by working with common clothing pieces that can be worn multiple ways.  I appreciate that and with her expertise, the outfits look quite nice, too.  Picture_2_Maxi_skirt_with_denim_jacket_as_described_in_articleIf you missed this piece that ran in my 202 Magazine September article, this is what it looked like and read on for a few tips and the link to read the complete column….fashion 202 articleOne of Heather’s tips that I swear by is the purchase of a good pair of skinny jeans like the Joe’s denim jeans shown in the picture below.  I purchased a pair from The Purple Skirt and I wear them constantly.  Not only are they slimming, but they hide a muffin top (which I appreciate after a good dinner out) and they stretch with me as I move.  Plus they are soft and super comfy and easily wash and wear right out of the dryer. These can be worn with flats and then in the cooler months with boots and a blazer. They are very versatile. Since I get a lot of compliments when I wear the belt that is shown in the photo below…I bought that from Kohl’s.  I should also mention that the heels are made with built in orthotics (believe it or not) and are sold at Foot Solutions.

Me in my Joe's jeans.  Thanks for telling me about these, Heather!

Me in my Joe’s jeans. Thanks for telling me about these, Heather!

You have got to check these jeans out.  For Heather’s additional tips and styles, visit this link to go directly to my article in 202 Magazine.  Once there, click the September issue and go to page 58.  My column appears monthly on the last page and I love writing it every month!

Easy Tricky Treats You Can Make With Kids

Since Halloween is my daughter’s absolute favorite holiday, I decided to show a couple of haunting Halloween eats that can be easily made with kids for my monthly column in this month’s 202 Magazine.  mag shotHere is one of the ideas and be sure to click the link below to go to the entire article to see the other recipes. Plus check out the entire magazine for a great article about my KTVK 3TV co host Kyle Unfug, fall recipes, inspirational BCA month stories and more.  But first, here is a preview of an icky Halloween treat idea that kids are sure to love.  Wicked waxy edible Q-tips anyone?

To make these, simply place one mini marshmallow on each end of a cake pop stick.  Dip marshmallows in carmel or peanut butter.  Tasty and gross all in one.

To make these, simply place one mini marshmallow on each end of a cake pop stick. Dip marshmallows in carmel or peanut butter. Tasty and gross all in one.

To see my other simply scary suggestions check out this month’s 202 issue at the link below (my article is on page 58)…

Happy Halloween treat making!


Go Green Fab Fashions & Products To Celebrate Earth Day 2013

Manic:  Me with my family when they fail to put recyclable items in the recycling bin!  Just ask them and they will tell you that I’m an unhappy Mama when they don’t practice green behavior.

Managed: In honor of Earth Day, that is this Monday, and to remind my family the importance of being earth-friendly I put together a segment filled with really cool green products and innovative ideas that can help your family leave less of a carbon footprint, too.  I found cool kids clothes made out of your favorite recycled t-shirts, a sharp men’s belt made out of a bike tire, handsome shoes made with recycled fire department hose, beauty products that give back and more.  Check out these innovative green ideas and some of these items make perfect Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift ideas, so take a look…

Spring Into Spring, Try Something New: My March 202 Mag Article

Spring is in the air and I like it!  So for the March issue of our local 202 Inspiration in the East Valley Magazine, I was excited to write an article about trying new things, which is good for the brain.  202 m coverTo kick this off, I tried several new experiences in the last few months like taking cooking classes and singing a duet in front of a live audience.  I also tried some other surprising things.  Read my 202 Magazine article to see what else I took on and get inspired to try some new things yourself….

Click here and go to page 58 to see my article and all of the March issue of 202 Magazine.  There are some good articles like how to eat right when traveling, how to clean your makeup brushes, tips on seeking a career change, my article and much more.

page 202




Weekly Pet Pic & A Cool Pet Contest!!

Before we show you this week’s darling pet pic…check this out!

202 Magazine has invited our readers to submit a picture of your pet for a chance to have your furry friend featured in an upcoming issue.  Every month 202 Magazine features a pet of the month and they are looking for a cute pet to be pictured in a future issue!  Simply email your pet picture to [email protected] and we will forward your photo on to the publishing/editing team at 202 Magazine.  We will announce the selected pet next month and if your pet isn’t selected for the magazine, we will still show your cute dog, cat, bird…or whatever pet you have in a future post.  So send us your cute pet pics!!

And now for this week’s pet pic!  Believe it or not, this sweet doggie loves to open and eat fortune cookies and the fortune she received just may prove that some of those fortune messages are right on!  Take a look….

This pup’s human Mama couldn’t believe her eyes when she read that a visit to a park was in this dog’s future!  Perfect fortune for a cutie-pie pup!  So funny!

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy a trip to the park with your pooch.  And remember to send us your pet pic for a chance to be featured in the very cool 202 Magazine!

Announcing My New Gig with 202 Magazine!!

I am so excited to announce that I am now a monthly columnist for the amazing 202 Magazine!  When Publisher Joe Bocker offered me the opportunity to write for his publication, I jumped at the chance!  What I love about 202 Magazine is that the mag highlights and celebrates the people and organizations that inspire the East Valley to be the wonderful and unique community that it is.  I am thrilled to be a part of that!

You can catch my monthly article called Manic Managed Mom Rachel Recommends (after arriving at link, flip online page to pg. 66 to see my November article) on the last page every month.

For my debut article, Joe asked me to write about how manic moms like me find coping techniques to take the stress out of the holiday season, so that we can put the word happy back in the Happy Holidays!  Take a look at what I came up with and let me know what you do to relieve some of that seasonal stress!

Next month I will share a family recipe (compliments of my awesome sister-in-law Stephanie) for a holiday dessert called Pumpkin Supreme that is different from pumpkin pie…a little more decadent and a real crowd-pleaser!

The 202 Magazine is free to the community and can be found in businesses like Whole Foods, My Fit Foods, medical offices and more.  So grab a copy and take a look because the magazine is positive, inspiring and shares great ideas, seasonal recipes, a helpful event calendar and more!  I’m honored and proud to be a part of the 202 team!