Cat Owners: My Favorite Flower Can Be Deadly To Cats

Thankfully I haven’t lost any of our cats to ingesting a lily, but we almost did several years ago.  So today when I saw a warning on Facebook about the dangers of the lily flower being ingested by felines, I decided to share in my blog.  In the heartbreaking Facebook post, her sweet kitty did pass away after eating pollen from a lily.  That almost happened to us with our cat, Tucker.

Tucker became quite ill a few years ago.  At first the vet and I couldn’t figure out what was making him so sick. Towards the end of the appointment, my vet asked me if I had done anything differently around the house.  After thinking about it for a minute, I casually told him that I had started putting fresh flowers out weekly.  I liked to display them on the table and on kitchen counter for a pretty centerpiece.  flowersSo then he asked me what types of flowers had I set out and I remembered laughing at Tucker because he had orange pollen around his mouth. Instantly my vet told me that was most likely the culprit.  My favorite flower.  The pretty ones I had in my wedding bouquet years earlier.  The lovely lily is deadly to cats causing liver failure.

Because Tucker is a big cat and he hadn’t ingested that much, he made it, but he sure was sick for a bit.

Finishing up the meds course he had to take from his illness.

Finishing up the meds course he had to take from his illness.  Stan, our orange cat in the background, didn’t have to take medicine because he doesn’t eat flowers, but most cats will nibble on a floral arrangement.

No more lily flowers in our home.  And when I saw the sad story this morning on Facebook, I thought it would be a good idea to let my readers know in case you have a cat or know someone who has a kitty.  No lily flowers.

In fact, if you have pets, always check the potential toxic ingredients before placing flowers out in the open in your home.

Always good to play it safe.  We were very lucky that Tucker survived his lily illness.  He is the most gentle and loving cat.  In fact, tomorrow he will be sad because his favorite family member, my son is moving into his dorm.  Tucker will miss him and I am so glad that when our boy comes home for visits, his Tucker will be here happily waiting to see him.

Our handsome Tucker boy.

Our handsome Tucker boy


Our Harris Home Cats Featured In Magazine Article!

Our household has four fab felines who recently became celebrities with a magazine article all about them!  Yes, Tucker, Stanley, Lucy and Sadie are the star of the show this month.mag spreadFoothills Living Magazine writer Stephanie Hayden asked to interview our four very spoiled furry family members and the cats gave me their blessing to speak on their behalf.  The article is now running in the November issue of Foothills Living Magazine and the kitties would be disappointed if their proud cat mom didn’t share it here in my blog, so take a look and remember to also be thankful for the pets in our lives during this holiday season.  Four cats can be a lot of work, don’t get me wrong, but they give us a lot of laughs and love.  How exactly did we end up with 4 of them, two boys and two girls?!  The answer is here in the short and fun article about our spoiled kitty cats….

Page 1 Picture

1st page picsPage 1 Text

page 1 cats

page 2 cats

page 3 cats

last page picsThat is our kitty story and the kitties are sticking to it!  A big thank you to Stephanie Hayden for writing such a nice article about the fab feline foursome.  They are more than a little impressed with themselves that they are featured in a magazine this month!  Tell us about your precious pets in the comments section because we are also managed moms to our furry kids, too.

9/11 Tribute Piece That I Had To Share Starring A Special Dog

I didn’t do a Freebie Friday this week.  I chose to instead observe a day of silence in honor of the 14th anniversary of 9/11.  I almost called it a day without posting anything, but when I found this touching tribute to the last living search and recovery rescue dog from 9/11, I decided that this would be a fitting tribute.  A sweet tribute to an anniversary that is so unbelievable and so heartbreaking to remember every year. But we must never forget and this heroic dog and her heroic partner took me back, touched my heart and gave me pause to remember and honor all of those lost and all of those heroes on that horrific day 14 years ago.  With so many tributes out there, this one was a little different and this sweet dog, who just turned 16, made me smile and tear up as I remember 9/11 and another year that has passed.  Take a look…

Pet Products & More That Are Green For Earth Day & Everyday

As I continue to recognize Earth Day this week, here are some ideas that reduce our pets’ carbon pawprints with a few products that are green and good.  Plus I found a company that will recycle those super popular Keurig K cups that so many of use for our morning coffee and many other green ideas that will help us take care of our earth, so take a look….

Introducing A New Cat To Resident Cats

If you are considering introducing a new cat to your resident cat or cats, this article is for you.  Our vet told us that sometimes, even with all of the proper steps taken, cats may never completely accept each other, but may learn to coexist by avoiding the other.  We are happy to report that our end result has been a happy one with all being feline friends.  And be sure to read this article all the way through to see some additional safety tips for the cats and the humans at the end of this post.

Will this playful stray kitten fit in with our happy and lazy trio of resident cats?

Would this playful stray kitten fit in with our happy and lazy trio of resident cats?

Yesterday I wrote about how we ended up having a household with felines that equal the number of human residents.  Although we never ever planned to be a 4 cat family, the story of our fourth and FINAL kitty cat rescue is here.

We took our time, about six weeks, to be sure that our three cats truly accepted our new stray kitten that my hubs named Sadie.  It did help that she was brought in as a kitten.  Adopting a kitten may make the process a bit easier with adult cats who don’t feel as threatened with the new kitty’s tiny size, although I don’t want to discourage you from saving an older cat because that can work with the proper steps and patience. [Read more…]

Sweet Sadie Makes Four Felines

Some of you know (and some of you don’t know) that we are now a FOUR cat household.  I know, I know….it sounds a little crazy and like we are running a cat farm.  Well, we are not but the little Tortie kitten sweetie that my hubs found made her way into our Harris hearts minutes after we rescued her from the coyote ruled desert that is our neighborhood.  I have waited a while to write this post so that I could report on the successful integration of a 4th cat into a 3 cat household.  Now two months later, I can share that Sadie is fully incorporated into the household and it is pretty peaceful around here for the most part.  I will post my blog article about how to successfully introduce a new cat to your existing cats tomorrow.  But first the story of sweet Sadie, the little kitten who became a Harris cat over the holiday season.  It is truly shocking to find a stray in our neighborhood with all of the coyotes.  It never happens….except to us, I swear! Sadie

First, how we went from two cats to three and then on to Sadie.  Eight years ago we went to the pound to adopt two little boys that our kids named Tucker and Stanley.catsThey have been very good boys for us and pretty easy to care for.  So….when our girl asked for a pet of her own three years ago, we finally heard her case after a full year of her having to prove to us that she was ready for that responsibility.  She chose to rescue a black female because she told us that “everyone walks right past the black cats because they think they are bad luck” and with that statement (that is sad but true) she had me and off we went to the shelter find little Lucy girl.  See the cute kitten pics at this  Lucy’s story link. lex kisses lucy

[Read more…]

Weekly Pet Pic: My Three Comfy Cats!

Being a cat in our manic managed Harris home is a pretty good gig for these three cat cuties and they don’t seem to have anything manic going in in their lives, even though their humans run around manic a lot!  I could go for being one of my cats for a day.  See why….Sleeping cat cuties

And later that day, I walked in to see Stanley quite comfortable and well cared for (my daughter must have been by earlier)….
Stan under covers
Are your pets this pampered?  I’m guessing they are!  Send your cute pet pics our way because we love to publish them every weekend to wish you and your furry family members a great day.  Remember to rest up like your pets do before you jump into another busy week.  Email your pet pics to [email protected]

Happy Sunday!

Weekly Pet Pic: Two Cool Cats & One Nice Dog!

This week’s pet pics come from two of our readers.  First up, meet cool cat #1 who is named Tabitha. She and sweet dog, Emmy became fast friends when Tabitha joined the family a few months ago.  This was sent in by Jennifer and we love that this cat chose a canine couch and that the sweet dog doesn’t seem to mind at all…

Pets 123113a_edited-1 (1)

Next, check out this curious kitty who prefers a big tall tree for her perfect perch place!  This pretty picture was sent to us by our reader, Lynne and we love it….

cat in tree

Thank you to both Jennifer and to Lynne for sending in these fun pet pics.  Send us your pet photos to [email protected]  We love to share them every weekend to celebrate our furry friendly family members.

Weekly Pet Pics: Lucy Turns 2 & Gets Baked Birthday Cat Cake!

Manic:  My daughter reminding me that I can’t forget her annual tradition of having a birthday party for her cat…add that to our hectic schedule!

Managed:  My girl finding a recipe online for a cat cake made of tuna, cheese, flour and more and then baked to fit a feline’s fancy on her 2nd birthday!  So Lucy’s 2nd birthday party was underway with my tween doing most of the work to keep our manic schedule managed enough to fit in time for a cat’s celebration.  Lucy the cat seemed to enjoy her birthday bash.  Here are some fun party pictures and the cat cake recipe for any of you that may be interested in baking a treat when your kitty’s big day rolls around.

The Pet Pics:

The Birthday girl who turned 2, then and now…


 And it is always fun to look back at baby pictures on a birthday…

Lucy's baby picsLucy is lucky enough to have not only found a human mama who adores her, but also a tireless tween girl who even bakes her a cat cake….

There are three cakes so that Lucy's "siblings" our two  much older boy cats can have their cake and eat it, too!

There are three cakes so that Lucy’s “siblings” our two much older boy cats can have their cake and eat it, too!

 Lucy spots her birthday goodies….

lucy spots bdayAnd it looks like Lucy loves her cake… [Read more…]

Weekly Pet Picture: Lulu’s Lovely Locks

This week’s pet pic is of Ms Lulu, who has hair that human women may envy.  Take a look….what a pretty girl…

doggie 1

And here is another picture of her pretty and healthy hair.  She shows it off for us here…

doggie 2I love how her human Mom, Heather styles Lulu’s hair with a stylish pink bow.  What a pretty girl indeed…


Lulu is a good girl and she is very loving, too.

We love to get your pictures of a pampered pooch, cute kitty, pretty parrot, etc….Send your pet pics to [email protected]  We love to post pets every Sunday to remind us to enjoy the day and remember to relax with our pets before the busy week starts all over again.  Have a good one.