Five Fabulous Travel Tips As Seen In My 3TV Segment

Just in time for your summer travel plans, I have put together my top five fabulous travel tips that I swear by plus a few amazing places I recommend for family travel, both local and far away. If you caught my segment on the KTVK 3TV morning show, Your Life Arizona, and want more information about the travel tips I shared, here is the information with the links to the different items and places I recommend.  And be sure to go to my blog’s search bar to look up your desired destination to see if we have covered it.

Travel Tip #1 – Packing/Planning Fail Safe Forget Nothing Tool 

Once I discovered the Pack This! Travel list pad by Knock Knock, I have never looked back when it comes to packing planning. I call it packing planning because when an item is left behind, it will usually cost time and money to either purchase what was forgotten or have it shipped, which can be costly.  The Knock Knock Pack This! Pad is my favorite travel tool ever.  It is a handy exhaustive one page at a glance packing list that includes everything one could ever think of to pack for a trip.  Items that I wouldn’t consider like an umbrella, binoculars, bug spray, sunscreen and more. Every time I use this list, I forget nothing and my packing is done faster and is more efficient.  I swear by this and I buy my pad (60 sheets 6 x 9 size) for $6.99 at and at amazon for only $4.85.

Travel Tip #2 – Best Wrinkle Free Clothing Tip Ever!

I don’t remember where I first heard this tip years ago, but I have never arrived with a wrinkled garment since. Here’s hoping it works for you since it has been failsafe for me. Simply dry clean the garments that you want to arrive wrinkle free before you travel.  The trick is to keep the clothing covered in the dry-cleaning plastic wrap it came home in.  Gently fold dry cleaned clothes on hanger and still in dry cleaning wrap and place on the very top of your suitcase after all other items are packed.  Give it a try. I have been pleasantly surprised how this has worked for me every single time.

Travel Tip #3 – Suitcase Type

Be loud and bold with your suitcase design for several reasons.  If your suitcase is a unique and colorful design, you will find it fast when it is coming off the conveyer belt at baggage claim.  Plus, if it is lost in transit, it will be easy to describe to airport and airline personnel.  I also finally bought a larger roll away suitcase that fits all my items.  We women do pack a lot and that is because we have a larger variety of shoes for different outfits and occasions, we tend to pack some our kids’ things with ours as well, we have more accessories than men typically do, etc.  Buying a larger than average suitcase has made me a one suitcase gal now.  I didn’t think that was possible!  So, consider buying the larger rollaway version if you usually have two suitcases.

Travel Tip #4 – Research Airport

Chances are that you will spend a good deal of time at airports.  Arriving early or being delayed, I have learned to research the airport I am traveling to ahead of time.  Doing this has made the trip even more fun.  I know that airports don’t sound fun, but since you must spend some time there, why not get there early for less stress, get all checked in and then enjoy yourself a little.  Plus, some airport websites offer coupons redeemable at the different stores and restaurants.  For example, San Antonio International Airport has coupons for airport restaurants, stores and more, including a tasty wine themed eatery.  So, check your airport website to see what is available and if coupons are also offered.  Here are some of my favorite airport attractions, so if you are stuck there for a bit, try these unique spots…

*Vino Volo in San Antonio International Airport – This cool restaurant offers gourmet wines from around the world.  I ordered a flight of red, white and champagne when I was there.  It was very relaxing and enjoyable to get to sample wines with a nice salad before I boarded my flight. Plus, I could use the coupon I accessed from the airport website to purchase a bottle of wine sold there if I had decided to buy some Vino.

*Be Relax in LAX – The last time I was at LAX, I enjoyed a very well done 10-minute shoulder, head and neck massage at Be Relax in Terminal 1 at LAX.  It set me back $29 (and I added a tip), but it was worth it because it was really good and therapeutic.  Plus, it is nice to board feeling somewhat relaxed.

Those are just two examples.  I also like that our airport here in Phoenix, Phoenix Sky Harbor has a ton of local favorite restaurants in the different terminals. So be sure to check the different airport websites to know where to go to eat, shop and relax while you wait.

Travel Tip #5 – Check my Blog!

I absolutely love travel blogging, so whenever I go anywhere, whether it be a staycation in Tucson, or all the way to marvelous Maui, I share my specific city recommendations in the travel section of my blog.  So, before you go, enter your destination city into my blog’s search bar to see if I have covered it. I also have team writers who have reviewed a Disney cruise and more. Here are some of our fun recommendations to some of my favorite travel destinations…

*Maui – my blog lists our top ten things not to miss in Maui and my family’s #1 favorite attraction is the Twin Falls hike that is beautiful and family friendly. We were especially impressed with the package that we booked called Hike Maui that included kayaking, snorkeling and the wonderful Twin Falls hike where we got to taste food right off the trees on our way to the waterfalls.  Once at the stunning waterfalls, we could jump off cliffs into the water and swim in freshwater pools.  We were also given Awapuhi plants, which contains the organic ingredients that Paul Mitchell uses in their Awapuhi shampoo.  My kids opened the plant and washed their hair under the waterfall.  It was such a cool day and purchasing the 7-hour activity package was the way to go. I have all the links to all of our Maui recommendations in my Maui article here.


*Washington DC – One of our favorite Smithsonian museums is the Newseum and a lot of tourists don’t consider this relatively new attraction.  It is like visiting an American history museum through the eyes of legendary and current journalists and it is very cool.  Exhibits like the original microphones used by FDR during the Fireside Chats, front pages from newspapers from around the world the day after the horrific 9/11 are displayed.  In addition, historic original newspaper pages from some of our country’s most famous events like when Marilyn Monroe was found dead, when the Hindenburg crashed, when wars ended and more.  There is another interesting section that shows a very cool and even emotional Pulitzer Prize photograph section and so much more.  I highly recommend this fascinating museum that also has an interactive area that lets visitors of all ages take home a flash drive of themselves being a reporter in a simulated news station.  So cool!  Check out my article with links about this here.

*Sedona – I cover a lot of local trips and staycations here in Arizona, too.  Check out my Sedona article to see where to stay, what to eat, what attractions to try like the Pink Jeep Tours and more.

It was very cool that our tour guide made stops along the tour so that we could get out and take pretty pictures as we learned about the history of lovely Sedona.

I have also reviewed most of the resorts here in the Phoenix area, as well as in Tucson and articles about Flagstaff, too.  My Sedona article is here.

*Amtrak train vacation – My son got to take an Amtrak train vacation with his grandparents so he wrote a comprehensive review for us on my blog.  He did a great job, so if you are considering a train vacation, be sure to see that article on my blog.  My son’s Amtrak train trip article can be found here.

Some of the other destinations we have reviewed on is a Disney cruise, a California road trip that took us from southern California all the way up to San Francisco and more. 
So, before you go, check my blog and happy travels to you!





Our 3-Day Getaway to LA: Cool Things To Do

As I promised, here is my short blog article about the fun things my girl and I enjoyed during our brief visit to the City of Angels.  We loved our hotel stay at the London and you can read our hotel review about that here. We found some cool things to do when we ventured out of our cozy hotel room. Here is what we recommend that we thoroughly enjoyed…

First of all, our main reason for going to LA was to tour UCLA and we had a great time doing that.  That blog post is coming soon, so stayed tuned for that.  That took up most of our first day in LA. After that we didn’t have much time to spare before we had to head back to Phoenix, but we found some pretty cool things to do that you will want to try!

This particular spot is one that not a lot of people know about when it comes to getting that prized Hollywood sign picture. We will share the secret in the fun trip video below…

Watch this short video to see our trip highlights and to find out how we got to the perfect photo spot for the Hollywood sign.  We watched countless other tourists go the long way that isn’t as well placed as this spot is for that great Hollywood sign photo op.  Plus here is what else we did in our quick 3-day getaway to LA in our fun and short video and be sure to make it full screen for best view…

Video travel blogging is so much fun.  Here is more info about what we showed in the video….


*The London Hotel

For London Hotel information, check out our blog review here.

Our balcony from our room at the very cool London Hotel.

Love the rooftoop pool and scenic panoramic views

*UCLA Tours
For more information and to schedule student tours, visit this UCLA link.  More thorough blog post about this coming soon!

*Glitterati LA Private Tours

Visit Glitterati’s website for more details and booking information.

The Grove Shopping, Restaurants & Farmers Market

Visit The Grove website here and be sure to taste one of those irresistible chocolate covered strawberries.  Best we have ever had!

Herringbone Restaurant in Santa Monica

Herringbone Restaurant menu, location and more can be found here.  Yummy!

California dreamin’ until next time. We plan to return this summer to tour USC.  Stay tuned for that as we will share more fun things to do on a quick trip to LA.  Happy travels!

Walk/Ride/Taste & Shop San Antonio Riverwalk

Last week, I traveled to San Antonio to be with family during a surgery.  I arrived a few hours before everyone else did, so I did one fun thing. I revisited a wonderful place that I had explored before several years ago.  The very cool San Antonio Riverwalk.  I made the most of my limited time before greeting my family traveling in for surgery and it was a nice afternoon to be on my own for a bit. 
I am happy to report that the surgery went well and that my few solitary hours in the Alamo City were well spent.
I love to travel blog, so for my fellow lovers of travel, when in San Antonio, do this….



The Riverwalk — Whether or not you have just heard about it or been here before, do the San Antonio Riverwalk.  You will love the exercise you get, the food you taste, the boat ride, the shopping and more.  Here are a few highlights in pictures of my afternoon on the beautiful and fun Riverwalk.

Walk it for sure to get enjoyable exercise and to experience fun people watching. Seeing the water and the ducks are an added bonus and a great way to get your steps in and to keep your body moving.

Take breaks and and read about the Riverwalk landmarks and history.  With signs along the way, one can learn more about the Alamo city.  I personally enjoy learning about the city that I visit. There is so much to see and experience on the San Antonio Riverwalk….

Music by the local and talented mariachis!

I had to wonder if this couple was having some sort of memorable and romantic moment as the Riverwalk mariachis played! We will never know, but I enjoyed capturing this shot from afar.

A welcoming bench provides a place for a reflective rest from the lovely walk.

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The Unique & Chic London Hotel in LA: Our Review

In a little under three days time, my daughter and I made the most of our quick trip to LA a few weeks ago. We exeperienced Hollywood as well as a few other super cool LA activities. As her spring break wound down, we snuck over to Cali for a walking UCLA college tour (more on that coming in a future blog post) and a 3-day getaway.  Since we didn’t have a lot of time, we did some cool stuff that we recommend for your next visit to Los Angeles.  I will soon post that, but first where did we stay?  A place that we fell in love with called The London.  Located in West Hollywood, right off the famous Sunset Strip, this was the perfect property for us to accomplish our visit objectives and rest and lounge in style during our downtime.  Check it out with this short video and see pictures with more details below the video in this fun travel blog article.  I love travel blogging, so watch the quick video, read on and then start planning your Cali travel. 

Our balcony from our room at the very cool London Hotel.

Cool interior designed hallways by the hotel elevators.

This picture shows the view of both the hotel grounds below and apartments and celebrity luxury homes across the famous and iconic Sunset Blvd.

Our absolute favorite feature of the London Hotel is the hip pool area that is located on the rooftop.  We just love this feature and the pictures show that for sure.  Take a look…And the view from the panoramic rooftop gave us time to look, reflect and relax before we jumped into our busy day of activities in LA.  Hotel guests can also dine on the rooftop with full food service, too. 

Inside the hotel, we especially enjoyed The London’s signature restaurant, Boxwood.  Yummy juicing options. Delish and nutritious!  Breakfast is very good here.

Tasty Farmers Market Veggie Omelette for my girl and the irresistible Huevos Rancheros for me. Boxwood Restaurant at the London Hotel is very good.

The hotel food was scrumptious with lots of healthy menu options as well.  We wouldn’t expect anything less from California. We always love dining in the Southern California.  Fresh food galore!

We also loved our room.  All units at the London Hotel are suite style.  These pictures are not of our actual room (simply because I forgot to take pics!), but these shots from the hotel website look almost identical to the room we stayed in.  
And we really dug the spacious bathroom with a big tub and a nice shower with two shower heads….one of my daughter’s favorite features of our room. And the location of our hotel was right on to pack in the many things we wanted to do in our short 3 day trip.  This map, from the hotel website, aptly shows that The London is located in the heart of a lot of great landmarks to visit, along with some fabulous shopping opportunities, too. We highly recommend The London Hotel.  We booked using our American Express card Fine Hotels & Resort package.  With this benefit, we were able to receive complimentary breakfast for two each morning, a free room upgrade (based on availability), a late check-out of 4pm (perfect since we had a late evening flight home) and a $100 restaurant credit.

I also must give kudos to the hotel concierge, Sarah Dandashy, who knew exactly where to send us to dine, shop and tour.  I will share those recommendations and our experiences in my next blog post coming soon.  Sarah also has a hip and helpful website called Ask a Concierge.  Definitely check out her site for everything you want to know about LA.  Great resource and it is so cool that she has created an informative platform that extends her travel knowledge talents beyond the concierge desk.  But do visit her at the desk when you stay at The London.  She will have your trip organized with creative, fun and unforgettable things to see, do and taste in the LA. Although our trip was so short, my girl and I had the time of our lives!  We look forward to our next college tour trip in a few months to USC and we plan to return to the trendy, stylish and ultra cool London Hotel.

My Family’s Review of Ritz-Carlton at Dove Mountain in Tucson

With spring break and summer break upon us for many, here is my family’s review of the Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain resort in Tucson.  I like to provide travel reviews on my blog for your vacation planning.  I will never ever regret the time and money we spent as a family traveling through the years.  Our kids grew up so fast! 

For Phoenix locals, a quick trip to Tucson is easy and feels like you really got away from it all without having to go too far.  For my out-of-state readers, this Tucson, Arizona resort is definitely one to consider. Our family had some travel credit points on our AMEX card, so we used that to reduce our cost for this quick weekend get-a-way to this gorgeous property. We took this trip last July as a final destination vacation before our first born left for college. It was a wonderful weekend.

What We Loved

We loved our room balcony with a view of the beautiful desert. Perfect backdrop for this family picture, too.  Our review panel, our family with our son’s sweet girlfriend, too.

*Check-in!  We loved the check-in process because it included desert wildlife right there in the lobby, although the only family member brave enough to cuddle one was our girl, who made friends with the resident snake.  Yes, I said snake! 

Lovely and welcoming lobby and these two, my handsome son and his pretty girlfriend, make nice resort lobby models, I’d say 😉

2.  The Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course – A big reason we chose this resort  is because my hubs and son wanted to try their golf clubs at the Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course and they tell us that it did not disappoint.  I copied this from the resort website as it perfectly explains why this course is the one to try when in Arizona….

Nicklaus created 27 holes with unique challenges and distinct character. With elevations ranging from 2,300 to 3,200 feet, Nicklaus purposefully designed this luxury golf course to be challenging yet enjoyable to play, time and time again.

This world-class golf resort also includes a pro shop featuring the finest equipment, apparel and accessories; expansive, tour-quality practice areas; and an award-winning clubhouse.

The Golf Club at Dove Mountain is an elite golf course to be enjoyed by golfing legends and friends alike. For additional information about The Golf Club at Dove Mountain or to reserve tee times online, please visit

The guys didn’t take any course pictures, but these two shots show the beautiful course behind us….

After the boys posed for our pics, they went golfing and we went to the spa, which brings me to our third favorite resort feature.  Did someone say spa?  Ahh yes.

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AZ Travel: My Review of New Camby Hotel, Formally Ritz Carlton

When The Ritz Carlton left Phoenix, I was disappointed.  Having been there for business lunches, high tea and a mother and daughter staycation a few years back, the nice property was a Phoenix staple. Curious about the replacement hotel, The Camby, Autograph Collection, I decided to sneak away all by myself during my daughter’s Fall Break.  cam-exterior
After all, my family was away on different trips that happened to fall during the break.  So what’s a mom left behind to do?!  (Of course, truth be told, I was actually looking forward to this accidental me time.) Contact the Camby to set up a one night stay to review the hotel, the room, the spa and the food.  Yes, not a bad assignment.  So what did I think?  Check out my fun 2 minute video review to see the hotel, room, spa, food and more.   Staycation, a referral for out of town guests, a place to ring in the New Year?  See for yourself here…


A few of the services were discounted for this review, but most of it was paid for by me and my dollars were well spent as my opinion about how much I love this place is 100% my very own. 

Our Fun Family Experience At Flagstaff Venue To See Joe Nichols!

One great thing about living in Phoenix is that beautiful Flagstaff is just a few hours away.  So last week we took a trip to escape the heat and to check out a cool venue called the Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill County Park.  Hubs and I packed up our two teenagers, along with our son’s sweet girlfriend, and off we went up North to enjoy Flagstaff and a terrific concert with the super talented country star Joe Nichols! The weather was perfect and my hubs snapped this nice photo of me and the teens in front of the Pepsi Amphitheater. us at Joe Nichols concertLucky for us, one of our family’s favorite country singers, Joe Nichols was performing a concert under the stars at this awesome outdoor venue.  Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill County Park is so pretty and the website says that the Amphitheater is located amidst the largest contiguous Ponderosa Pine Forest in the world.  It was a very nice spot to enjoy an awesome outdoor concert!  We arrived early to check the place out and you can see that the seating area was empty in this picture below, but it filled up pretty quick for sure.early onAnd the grassy area behind the seats is a gorgeous spot to take in a concert.  That area also was packed by concert time.  I took this picture early on and the pretty trees in the background are so lovely.grass areaWe ordered food from the snack bar which sold burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, nachos and more. My teens told me to be sure to tell you that the food was good because it was grilled right there on the spot so it was fresh and hot.

This is the walkway to the snack area. We loved how casual and comfy the place was instead of an overcrowded and overwhelming arena, this had a nice relaxing atmosphere.

This is the walkway to the snack area. We loved how casual and comfy the place was and instead of an overcrowded and overwhelming arena, this had a nice relaxing atmosphere.

This cool place also has multiple areas to purchase cocktails and beer and wine, which hubs and I enjoyed. Here we are earlier that evening.  Dressed and ready to go!  [Read more…]

Sedona in 24 Hours: Our Top Picks In Red Rock Country

Manic:  School starting here on August 3rd!  That doesn’t give us a lot of travel time with such a short summer break, so we decided to take a few quick trips this summer that also kept us on budget since we didn’t spend money on airfare this time around.

Managed:  Our first trip was to sunny Sedona, Arizona which is a beautiful place known as Red Rock Country since it is surrounded by radiant red rocks and mountains.  To keep costs down, we only stayed for 24 hours and we were able to fit a lot in, enjoy great food, shop at unique places and truly relax. red rock viewSedona is truly stunning and the town is very relaxed, quite welcoming to tourists and is known to have a spiritual presence.  Want to relax?  Head to Sedona! Here are our trip picks and pics….

*Where We Stayed – this isn’t our first pick because it is outdated but this is where we stayed and since we spent minimal time in the room, it suited us fine.  The digs we chose is the Los Abrigados Resort & Spa. We paid $259.69 for one night and for that we received a roomy 2-bedroom family style room that also had a teeny kitchenette and a living room area plus a small outside balcony.  One bedroom had a king size bed and the other bedroom had two double beds.  We liked the space the room gave us, however the room did not look like the pictures on the property’s website and were outdated with uncomfortable furniture that appeared and felt dated.  Since the property is labeled a resort with a resort price, we expected nicer and newer accommodations.  The room felt a little dingy to us, but we were happy to get a lot of space and we didn’t spend much time in the room at all.  We did like our view from the front door of our room…Sedona from our hotel room front door

And the lobby was nice, the employees were great and the massages we booked and received at the property’s spa were really terrific!  I highly recommend the Los Abrigados Spa for a quality massage.

Me and the teens in the pretty hotel lobby.

Me and the teens in the pretty hotel lobby.

And they have a game room for kids that the teens enjoyed for a bit…J & A in Sedona hotel playing ping pong

Our #1 Restaurant Pick – Hands down most people agree that dining at Elote Cafe is a scrumptious must! Lucky me has met the chef on my morning show and every time he cooks on our program his food is perfectly seasoned, perfectly spiced and absolutely delicious.  Chef Jeff Smedstad is the real deal and traveled to Mexico over a 15 year period to learn how to make authentic and amazing Mexican fare.  And boy does it show and taste like it, truly!  If you go, be sure to order the Elote Corn appetizer because it melts in your mouth. Fire roasted corn with spicy mayo, lime and cotija cheese is a spot on treat that delights the taste buds. Pair that with a beautiful fresh red Sangria and you will be in cusisine heaven and this is even before the main course comes out.  We enjoyed the Smoked Chicken Enchiladas, the Carne Asada and the Grilled Ahi Tacos appetizer and all were fantastic.

tacosenchiladasMake sure you go to Elote and get there early to check in because crowds are the norm since this place is popular and good.  It was very cool that we were able to check in, go change in our hotel room and come back right in time for our available table.  And the ambiance was so inviting. especially on nice cozy patio with beautiful Sedona views.  When it got a little chilly for us warm blooded Phoenix folk, warm blankets were on hand to keep us comfy and happy.

Jack and his girl keep warm after our incredible meal.

Jack and his girl keep warm after our incredible meal.

And we cleaned our plates and then some….so so so good! cleaned our platesOur Other Yum Yum Picks:

Canyon Breeze Juice & Smoothie Bar is a refreshing treat and they offer some healthy juicing, too.

Canyon Breeze Juice & Smoothie Bar is a refreshing treat and they offer some healthy juicing, too.

Pink Java Cafe offers stunning views while you sip delicious coffee and enjoy their sandwiches and treats.  Look at that view!

Pink Java Cafe offers stunning views while you sip delicious coffee and enjoy their sandwiches and treats. Look at that view!

Sedona houses a food court in uptown that has a nice selection of food, cocktails and snacks.  We didn't find the food to be anything special, but it did tide us over the view from the court patio can't be missed.  Very nice indeed!

Sedona houses a food court in uptown that has a nice selection of food, cocktails and snacks. We didn’t find the food to be anything special, but it did tide us over and the view from the court patio can’t be missed. Very nice indeed!

Fave Breakfast Place:

And for a scrumptious breakfast with delicious local fare with Sedona flair, you have to try the El Portal Bed & Breakfast restaurant.  Even if you aren’t staying in the bed and breakfast property, the restaurant which is housed in the hotel lobby entrance is truly terrific.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of our divine breakfast, but trust us when we tell you that the tasty Sedona Scramble is a must.  With three fresh eggs scrambled with scallions, cheddar jack cheese, roasted peppers, and fresh tomatoes served with soft flour tortillas, homemade salsa, sour cream, cowboy potatoes and refried beans, this dish will delight your taste buds and send you off nurtured and full to start the day.  Everything on the menu looked great and I can’t wait to return to Sedona to dine there again.

What To Do & What We Did in 24 Hours:pink jeep tour pic

We highly recommend taking a Pink Jeep Tour.  It was so scenic with breathtaking views and a driver/guide who really knew his stuff.  And the ride wasn’t too rough, although you can sign up for all kinds of side trips and some are more wild and rough than others.  Here are a few of our favorite shots from the very fun tour….


It was very cool that our tour guide made stops along the tour so that we could get out and take pretty pictures as we learned about the history of lovely Sedona.

It was very cool that our tour guide made stops along the tour so that we could get out and take pretty pictures as we learned about the history of lovely Sedona.


Me with my children.  Hubs couldn't get away so he gave us his blessing to go on our 24 hour trip to Sedona and this time with my kids was priceless.

Me with my children. Hubs couldn’t get away so he gave us his blessing to go on our 24 hour trip to Sedona and having this quality time with my kids was priceless.

And having Jack's sweet girl come along was very fun. She is a great traveler and my boy did great, even though he was outnumbered by all of us females....his faves, Mom, girlfriend and sis!

And having Jack’s sweet girl come along was very fun. She is a great traveler and my boy did great, even though he was outnumbered by all of us females….his faves, Mom, girlfriend and sis!

Our view from the jeep.  Awesome!

Our view from the jeep. Awesome!

So pretty!

So pretty!

Our Favorite Shopping Stop:better candle pic

Be sure to check out Sedona Candle Gallery.  These candles are so unique and are especially stunning when lit. We plan to return for some of our holiday shopping.

There is so much more to see, taste and try so we look forward to seeing Sedona again soon.  What are your Sedona picks?  Share in the comments section and if you haven’t been to scenic Sedona, make sure you go and take it in as these two cuties did in this picture….

Looking out over downtown Sedona to surrounding radiant red rocks that surround this wonderful and welcoming town.

Looking out over downtown Sedona and the radiant red rocks that surround this wonderful and welcoming town.

Terrific Travel Sized Beauty Products

Before you pack your suitcase, check out my recent morning show segment that has essential and good quality beauty products that are all FAA travel sized approved and will keep you looking good during your summer travels.  The best news is that all of these items are sold at Walgreens, so the price is right and you will be surprised to see some department store brands sold there as well.  So take a look and happy travels to you!  Also, our cohost Marlene kicks off the segment with a cool travel tip that you may want to know about to get through security a lot faster.

And part 2 is here….

To see the column and price list, check out my article on the KTVK website here.

Our Top 10 Maui Moments To Remember & Recommend

Now that the crazy busy school year is back in full swing, I have found myself day dreaming more than once about our magical Maui trip that we took in June.  It was our first time to Hawaii and it was as wonderful as everyone had told us it would be.  Waleia beach

A lot of people have asked me what island activities were our favorite Maui moments, so here is a look at our awesome getaway along with some recommendations on what to do if you travel to Maui.  I have also included links for easy access and planning if you decide to book one of these fun adventures ahead of time, which I recommend.  Be sure to keep reading because our favorite Maui family fun pick is the #1 item listed and this countdown goes from 10 to 1.  If you go to Maui, you have to know about this cool activity that had us tasting, exercising, swimming and more all in one fun filled afternoon!

And two items to note.  One of the smartest things we did was to tuck in early every night so we could rise at sunrise every morning.  Not only did we take in the stunning sun rising over the ocean, but the winds come in the afternoon so you want the calm waters for morning outdoor water activities.  Here is our top ten list of things to do and see in Maui…group by surf board

10.  See a sunset and a sunrise.  Truly make time for Maui’s beautiful sunset.  You may find yourself packing your days with the abundant amount of island activities that are offered and I do recommend that, but do make time to just sit, relax and take in the sunset or a peaceful early morning sunrise.  The picture below was taken from our hotel which is on Wailea Beach.  We stayed at the Grand Wailea and the property was a little outdated in some spots, but extremely nice and very family and teenage friendly.  I will blog about my review of that property soon.  While staying on Wailea Beach, we never saw any planes in the sky, only the ocean and the island of Lanai that is located directly across the sea.  It was lovely.

HI sunset

trees and ocean

9.  Reserve a morning for relaxing beach time.  You will want to be sure to do this on Maui’s beautiful beaches.  We recommend the  Wailea beach for families because it is so pretty and offers smooth sand and gentle waves, making it ideal for kids.  The Grand Wailea Resort and The Four Seasons front the beach and although this isn’t a private beach, the intimate and small space feels like it is and was very relaxing.

meg excited on beach

gals on beach in Wailea

fav pic of girls in Maui

J & J on Wailea beach

8.  Do an early morning yoga class on the beach.  It was as wonderful as it sounds and this was a great activity that I enjoyed with the tween girls….

yoga on beach

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