Back to School Adjusting Advice For Parents & Kids…From a Kid!

Manic:  Back to school can be manic for our kids and they don’t always know how to express that to us.

Managed:  My tween daughter asked me if she could share a few tips for kids and their parents when it comes to easing back into a busy back to school schedule.  She wrote this article below with very few edits from me and I think she has some great tips here….for both the kids and the parents.  Take a look….

thumbs up 2014 first dayLexi says:

So far for me I’m back in school but it still feels like summer. Sadly that feeling won’t be present for long. Though I had my summer and I think I’m ready to get back into the 6:00 am wake up times, not to mention after school activities and on top of all that, homework.

Call me crazy for thinking that I’m ready for that again, but this year I’ve set goals for myself and that is what’s driving me to be better and more on top of things this year.

Yet everyone is different, so my advice is to try to find out what kind of person your child is when it comes to school. Who knows, it might answer a lot of your questions.

Something else that’s really helped me this past week is breakfast.  I’ve been eating really filling and healthy foods in the morning like apple slices with peanut butter plus a banana and milk or a bowl of cereal along with a granola bar, and maybe scrambled eggs with strawberries and orange juice.  These are just some examples of things that change your day completely by giving you more energy and filling you up until lunch.

My last note of advice (especially for you ladies) is to have a system of making the morning less stressful. For example, lay your outfits out for tomorrow and have an idea for your hair style so you know how much time you will need in the morning.  Also have your school bag ready so you aren’t stressing over finding an important paper or book when there is only five minutes left before school starts.

And mainly just breathe. Like it or not, school is back and it’s here to stay, so why not make the best of it, and if you already have….then you are right on track.

This is Alexis, thanks for reading and see you next time.

Thank you Lexi!  I’m going to for sure take your advice about remembering to just breathe.  This article took me by surprise and I loved what she wrote.  I had no idea that she was working on this until she gave it to me and asked me to share it on my blog.  We wish you all a wonderful school year! 

Kid & Mom Approved Lunch Box Menu Ideas

Manic:  Coming up with lunch menu ideas day after day that both my kids and I can agree on since we want tasty, but healthy items.

Managed:  Brainstormed with my kids and came up with several ideas, like this one that is pictured.
lunch box Watch my morning show segment below to see several other ideas, plus I found some very unique and functional lunch boxes, too. 


And Just Like That….Hello Junior Year & 7th Grade

Manic:  Raising kids…and the hectic back to school season.

Managed:  Taking it all in because, just like that, I now have a 7th grader and a high school junior.  Where does time go?! Here are their first day pics.  She posed for me and let me take several shots.  He barely let me take one picture and was out the door and in his car faster than I could blink….and as my Father-in-law once told me….don’t blink because they grow up just like that.  first day 2014 (1)

And just like that, here is another set of a first day back to school photo shoot by this slightly emotional Mama who is holding on tight and enjoying the ride.  I can only imagine how I will feel next year when Senior year arrives!

Thumbs up to the 2014-15 school year!
thumbs up 2014 first dayI’m wishing you all a happy and healthy school year ahead!

Ways To Save on Back To School Shopping

Better Beverage Ideas for Families

Manic:  My kids begging me for sugary sodas and unhealthy beverages!

Managed:  Did some experimenting this summer and my girl and I came up with some ways to spruce up plain water and some better alternatives to soda and sports drinks.  Lexi on airAnd I threw in a tasty and low calorie cocktail recipe for us Moms, too!  Check it out and a huge thanks to my girl for her help in the segment.  She did a great job….

Fun Family Fitness Ideas & Thanks To My Tween & Pals For Helping Demo This On 3TV

Manic:  Getting in enough daily exercise as an adult and enough family time, too.

Managed:  Fun and healthy ideas that makes exercise fun with games that will keep you and your kids moving and interested.  I recently cohosted this recent “Your Life A to Z” morning show segment with fitness expert Wendie Marlais and she had some creative ideas for the whole family.  Check these out…

How Sun Savvy Are You? Take This Quiz To See!

Manic:  Making sure that my family applies sunscreen each time they leave to swim, play golf and more here in our hot and powerful Arizona sun.

Managed:  According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, Arizona ranks #2 in the world for skin cancer rates, so we can’t be too careful living here especially.  So I did some research on sunscreen, how much to apply, when to apply it, what SPF to look for and more.  Take this quiz to see if you do better than I did.  I got 4 out of 6 right.  Plus I show you a good natural and organic sunscreen as well as one that I like that has both UVA and UVB protection, so take a look and be sun savvy and sun smart with me….

My Final & Favorite Baby Products Review Cuz These Are Invented By Parents!

My final baby product segment, that I reviewed for our cohost Kyle who is expecting, is my favorite one of all that I did on the KTVK “Your Life A to Z” morning show because these products were invented by parents.  So this stuff really works. Need a baby shower gift?  Are you expecting?  You have got to check out these clever inventions that make life easier with a baby!

Smart Super Simple Summer Snack Ideas

Manic:  Keeping hungry kids satisfied with snacks that are also healthy, hydrating and simple to put out when I’m in a rush.

Managed:  Remembering a great tip that writer, Lisa Walton gave us that is simple and smart, so I recently shared it in a “Your Life A to Z” quick tip morning show segment.  Take a look and happy and healthy snacking…

Celebrity Baby Product Favorites

Torie Spelling stroller

Torie Spelling pushing an Orbit stroller.

Progressing through my baby week theme on the KTVK “Your Life A to Z” morning show, I showed some cool stuff for babies that are all the rage with the stars in Hollywood and in New York.  The stroller that does it all, customized baby bonnets instead of the unisex cap the hospital gives you and more.  The baby bonnet is a great gift idea, too.

Check this fun baby stuff segment out…