Marvelous Movie Book Club Winner!

Thanks for the all the entries for this fun giveaway drawing that can also be given as a holiday gift!  Today our winner receives a free Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital movie of the awesome film, Book Club starring Diane Keaton, Jane Fonda, Candice Bergen and Mary Steenburgen!  Our winner also gets popcorn and Red Vines.  […]

Marvelous Movie Night Book Club Film Giveaway Drawing

This is a fun giveaway drawing that can also be given as a holiday gift!  Who loves having gal pals over to sip wine and watch movies?  I sure do.  So, when I received an offer to receive a free Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital movie to give away on my blog, I was interested.  […]

Going Green Earth-Friendly Family Tips

Go green and get free stuff from some companies that have great recycling programs like MAC Cosmetics and Apple!  This article corresponds with my segment on the Your Life Arizona show that aired this week.  When my morning show producers asked me to do an earth-friendly segment, I jumped at the chance.  My parents raised […]

Big Thumbs Down to thredUP Online Consignment Site

thredUP…an online clothing consignment site with a big colorful logo.  Had me intrigued, so I signed up, filled a big thredUP bag with a bunch of my gently used clothing and sent it in.  How did it go? Not well. Huge disappointment with lots of issues.  I test companies, services, hotels and more for my […]

Big Box of KIND Bars & Snacks Winner!

Thanks to all who entered this week’s yummy prize giveaway drawing!  When I asked KIND if they would be KIND enough to do a giveaway with my blog and they said yes…I shouted yes! I love the KIND brand for all sorts of reasons!  First of all, the snack and protein bars are tasty and not […]

Super Helpful SAT & ACT Phone App Study Guides

Here we go again.  I have a high school junior again and that means it is ACT and SAT prep time.  Class of 2020 parents, the time is now.  Stressful, I know.  I have two super cool phone apps SAT/ACT study guides that my son found to be very helpful in 2015 when he was […]

Enter To Win A Box Of Yummy KIND Bar Goodies!

This may be one of my favorite giveaway drawings yet!  Like KIND bars?  I do and I love this cool picture from the KIND website. I love the KIND brand for all sorts of reasons!  First of all, the snack and protein bars are tasty and not pasty.  Secondly, KIND bars are made with ingredients […]

Healthy Back To School Food For Thought Ideas

As seen in my 3TV segment on the KTVK morning show, Your Life Arizona, here is what I showed along with some ideas on creative better foods for the lunch box, after school snacks and more.  As the mother of two juniors now (one in high school and one in college), I have a lot […]

On His Final Flight, We Arizonans Pause To Mourn & Give Thanks

I am not a political person by nature.  I vote on the issues and not by party.  But there is one person that I always voted for.  Every time.  Today as I was driving soup over to my ill friend, I listened to the coverage on my car radio of the departure of the plane […]

Going Green: Why I Drink My Water Out Of A Box

Manic: Trying to be as earth-friendly as I can, even though, like most of us, I am on the go.  A lot! Managed:  Found a way to let go of our convenient, but not earth-friendly, water bottle-by-the-bunches habit by switching to something kind of cool that I eyed in a Nekter store one day. Boxed Water.  Yep […]

Freebie Friday Winner!

          Thanks to all who entered for a chance to win this week’s Freebie Friday drawing!  Cool prizes to keep you cool in the hot summer days that are still left in the season are going to the winner this week!  The prizes include… This beautiful beach bag Montauk Tote that says […]

Beach Dreams Stuff Giveaway Drawing

For most of us, school is back in session or summer is over.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t daydream about our next beach trip!  And with Fall Break coming before you know it, today’s prize items will be perfect for your next beach day or day at the pool.  This week’s winner gets these […]

Our Creepy & Surprisingly Simple Scorpion Sting Story!

Manic: Enjoying a dinner out with my husband and a phone call comes in from our teenage daughter telling us that she just got stung by a scorpion! Managed:  Thankfully our response, awesome advice from my wonderful mom-in-law and how well our girl took matters into her own hands and took care of the aftermath. Read on […]

Freebie Friday Winner!

The entries are in!  Thanks to the many of you who emailed your entry in for this week’s Freebie Friday prize!  The prize is a surprise one this week with a mystery beauty bag that we showed on Monday.  It looked like this… But then we added more stuff, so a bigger bag was needed! […]

For Parents: Senior Year Is Hard On Your Heart In The Best Way

Moms (and dads) of teens.  This is written for moms, but I sure have seen my fair share of emotional papas who find senior year to be bittersweet on their hearts, too.  Read this or bookmark this to read before or during your child’s senior year in high school. It just may be therapeutic for […]