Mr Margarita Is The Perfect Party Rental Companion!

Manic: Like everyone else, schedules this time of year! I was honored to take my turn hosting my fellow mothers who are part of our local NCL (National Charity League) chapter for our fall meeting/social.  I wanted to make the event fun, unique and productive all in one with a cool theme.  But how could I accomplish that with a limited budget and not a lot of time on my hands for a full prep?

Managed:  Brainstormed and came up with a Margaritaville event theme complete with Jimmy Buffet music playing in the background, games that included guessing how many limes were in the margarita pitcher with prizes that were about the number 5 since it is “5’o clock somewhere” which included a 5 x 7 gift frame, a $5 Starbucks gift card and more.  My NCL GLA partner set up a Sign Up Genius for margaritaville themed food, so all brought grub that made for a nice buffet style dinner.

And then there was the star of the show…Mr. Margarita!

Meet Mr Margarita, a company that I highly recommend!  Here are two of his top performing companions that looked terrific and produced tasty beverages at my event! 

Yep, nothing says……better than welcoming those friends with yummy and festive frozen margarita machines!

Ray DeLeon with Mr Margarita was top notch to work with from start to finish.  When he arrived with the nice looking machines, we had a power overload problem with my backyard circuits, but he was quick and thorough to fix the issues and didn’t leave until all was working well.  And the flavor…absolutely delish!  I chose to serve two flavors of frozen ritas which included lime and strawberry and both were scrumptious.  Not overly sweet and my guests commented that they tasted refreshing like a nice summertime icy lemonade.  I also tried combining the two in my cup and the flavor combo worked great!                                                                                                                                          So how do you go about having Mr Margarita join your celebration?  It is an easy and economical process.  Here is what you do…

  1. Visit MrMargaritaPhoenix (if you are in Arizona) or MrMargarita if you are out of state as they have locations in California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Virginia.  For my local Phoenix readers, the phone number is 602-300-6497.  They rent party rental margarita machines in addition to other items like tents, tables, chairs and more.  All can be rented through the website or phone number above.
  2. Ray (or another Mr Margarita expert) will discuss details with you and suggest what and how much works best for your particular event.  They give you the list of beverage items you need to purchase before they arrive with the rentals.  I rented two machines, one lime and one for strawberry ritas, so I only had to purchase 2 to 3 liters of tequila and one liter of Triple Sec premix.  Ray brought everything else that was needed including cups, straws and salt for the rims with the machines.  I also bought limes for those that wanted a lime wedge in their margarita, which was a nice touch.
  3. Provide your credit card and you aren’t charged until the morning of the rental day. I liked this because receiving the charge notification also confirmed that my anticipated rental rita machines were indeed coming that day.  I paid $249 to rent both machines and another $17.50 for delivery and set-up fees (so worth it since Ray did everything for me).  Sales tax brought the grand total to $291.28.  I could have saved on my budget and just rented the one machine, as that would have been plenty for my guest headcount of 20 women, but I wanted to offer two flavors for fun.  Since the ladies brought all the food and Mr Margarita brought the cups and straws, my total party cost wasn’t bad at all.
  4. On party day, the machines are delivered, set up and the drinks are prepped in the machine and for you.  Then do what I did…and taste test.  My quality control taste was perfect!  Soo good!  And look how cool the machines look in my backyard…The machines arrived very clean, looked super nice and were very easy to operate. Simply pull the lever and out flowed a tasty icy margarita slush that all my guests called refreshing and super tasty. I was very pleased and will definitely use Mr Margarita again!  My only regret is that I forgot to snap pictures at night when the machines lit up my yard and made it a party!  And here is a bonus that Ray told me about.  Put any leftovers in a big plastic bag and freeze for your next margarita night.  I was out of plastic bags so I put some of the leftovers that were still in the machine when my party ended in a pitcher.  I stored it in the fridge overnight and it is still slushy and yummy today! Yay!  I think I may have to have a margarita pool day this weekend.  The company picked up the machines then next day.  I didn’t have to empty, clean or wipe anything down.  My only job was to take the leftovers I wanted, turn the machines off and unplug.  If I had wanted to make more batches, a simple instruction card was left for me and the process is simple.

Call Mr Margarita for your next shindig.  I plan to.  From start to finish, the process was as smooth and wonderful as the drinks were!

Beauty Picks That Make Great Gifts!

As seen on my morning show today, Your Life Arizona, here is more information about the festively packaged terrific beauty picks that make great holiday gifts!  Yep, it is already that time of year to get your shopping done and I make it easy for you because all of these ideas are conveniently sold at Walgreens!  A big thanks to my blog beauty expert, Bianca who is a professional beauty consultant with Walgreens, for sharing these top picks by customers and by our beauty panel experts.  Take a look and get some of your holiday shopping done..

*Soap & Glory Flatter Box – ($30.00 a $52 value!) – This fun Soap & Glory gift pack packs seven impressive beauty products into one pretty pink gift box.  Included is a limited-edition pore perfecting powder, high definition collagen coat mascara, a liquid black eyeliner pen, three eye shadows, lip gloss plus an eye shadow brush and a half moon blusher brush, too.  Also, impressive about this kit is that several of the products are full-sized that include the SuperCat eye liner pen which can be used to create winged liner and other dramatic effects on the eyes and the Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen Coat Mascara.

*Soap & Glory Pink Big – ($40 at Walgreens) – Featuring seven of this line’s head to toe faves, this beauty gift is large and luxurious since the big pink box is filled with a nice shower gel, body butter, body buffer, hydrating hand cream, foot cream and more.  So fun to give and to get.  Plus, the kit includes two bonus items that are not usually sold at all, a big pink loofah and a pretty pink super soft fuzzy head band to keep makeup and products from getting into hair.  Scrub Of Your Life body scrub is also in this kit and it is Soap & Glory’s #1 selling scrub.  Hand cream and foot cream also come in this box and the Heel Genius is an Allure Beauty Awards winner, too!  The price gives you almost 50% off as purchasing each one of these items separately would be around $75 in total for all the items.

*L.A. Colors Strobing ($10 at Walgreens) – This 10-color highlight face palette comes with a large palette of highlighters that can be used as highlighter, but also eye shadows.  The value on this is incredible since all are full sized inside the pretty box. L.A. Colors is sold at high end stores like Nordstrom Rack, so it is super handy to grab this at your corner drug store.

*Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing System ($39.99)  — Facial cleansing brushes are working well for anti-aging for women and for teenagers battling hormonal skin.  So, this splurge vs steal item compares to Clarisonic, which sells for $200 vs Olay’s version at a very reasonable $39.99.  This is one new hot beauty item to know about! Bianca’s customers are reporting back to her that they like this one better than the high priced Clarisonic.  One reason is that the replacement cleaning head costs much less with the Olay brand at only $12 (available at Walgreens) versus the $30 price tag for a replacement Clarisonic cleaning head.  The Olay one also includes the batteries, which is a nice touch, especially if given as a gift.

*Boots Prezzie Time Body Care Collection ($12 at Walgreens) – This great gift set is already packaged in a holiday bag so no wrapping is needed.  For only $12, the recipient gets nice Boots body wash, body scrub and a body polisher.  The price is right, the packaging is festive and the products make a perfect gift.  Bianca also pointed out that it doesn’t expire for 24 months, so this is one gift that you buy several of and have on hand for a birthday gift, Valentine’s, New Year’s and more.

*Hello Lovely Makeup Bag – ($10 at Walgreens) – Cute and pretty makeup bag that can be filled with goodies of your choice.  Very festive and fun!

*No7 12 Days of Beauty – ($40 and a $90 value!) – Boots No 7 has the perfect holiday packaging with a beauty gift kit Advent Calendar!  So fun!  Your recipient opens one flap a day to unveil a wonderful beauty product!  Some of the surprise items inside include mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, primer, brow stuff and more.  Such a fun gift to give and receive!

*Wet n Wild Pro Brush Set – ($30 and a $90 value!) – Bianca is very impressed with Wet n Wilds new makeup brushes that were recently unveiled.  Her customers also like the quality and that they are cruelty free and vegan now.  The pink bunny symbol is now on all Wet n Wild products, which makes us happy. We also think this is a splurge vs steal when compared to the Tarte brushes which cost much more.  These brushes also sport the ergonomic handle.

*Aveeno Active Naturals Indulgent Scents Body Washes & Body Lotion Gift Set – ($10 and a $15 value!) – Years ago, when my kids were little and battled eczema, our pediatrician recommended Aveeno and I have loved the line ever since.  So, this set that saves $5 if you were to purchase it all separately and is one that I would enjoy as a gift.  Plus, the lavender scent is calming and moisturizing.

*A Little Something Hand & Lip Care Gift – ($4 each) – Great price for a great holiday beauty gift kit that is also festively packaged.  The Lovely Things kit contains the All Smiles Hand Cream and Lip Balm. The Fun Fun kit has This Hand Fruit On Hand Cream and Fruit On Lip Balm.  Super cute packaging so no need to wrap if you are in a rush.

*A Little Something Sugared Dreams Hand Cream – ($2 each) – Perfectly named hand cream for the season, nice travel and purse size, good price and the packaging hangs on the Christmas tree.

Finding and showing these gift items lowered my stress level since so many items are so easily accessible at Walgreens and since so many are already packaged in the perfect festive colors, boxes and bags.  What holiday gift kits do you love to give and receive?  Share in the comments section and Happy Holiday season shopping!







Freebie Friday Winner!








So, who is today’s Freebie Friday winner??  What did our winner win? Keep on reading!!  And remember if you are a subscriber, then you are automatically entered in our weekly drawing for great prizes that include beauty items, cookware,  jewelry and more!  Lots of cool stuff!

Now, let’s announce this week’s lucky winner….

This week’s Freebie Friday winner is:

Lisa Abrams from Phoenix, AZ! 

(winner drawn through

Congrats to Lisa! Lisa wins this super cool lunch box by PlanetBox that is nice and functional!   Look how cool it is inside of the box, too…

She also wins my #1 recommended homeopathic medicine cream, Boiron Calendula Cream.  My mom and I both swear by this stuff!  For cuts, scrapes, chafing, minor burns, sunburn and more.  Boiron Calendula Cream is the perfect cream to have on hand! 

Congrats to Lisa for winning!  And thank you so much to subscribing to this blog.

We appreciate it!

And we will have more great prizes next week, so stay tuned for that and become a subscriber to be automatically entered in the weekly drawing that we do through!


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Fall Flavors: My Favorite Vanilla Latte Recipe

With autumn’s arrival, I bring out my bullet blender and blend up my favorite homemade quick and easy vanilla latte recipe.  Every time I share this yummy healthier (at least I think so) version of a hot vanilla latte, I get a good response from my readers.  Autumn has arrived, so here it is again…but first a short discussion about the recent controversy about whether or not coconut oil is healthy to put in your coffee.  finishI love to blend organic hot black coffee with organic virgin coconut oil, vanilla extract and a few other key ingredients that create a tasty hot latte that takes under a minute to prep and make.  Plus, a few years ago several fitness trainers I used to see told me that they believe that adding coconut oil to your coffee can help with cognitive function making one feel a bit more focused during the day. I had also read in several articles that the type of saturated fat in coconut oil is made up of medium-chain triglycerides that may help the body produce energy, which jived with my trainers’ beliefs. Yay and yum!

But then a few months ago, several articles on coconut oil questioned the health benefits and that had me rethinking this favorite recipe of mine that I especially love when the weather cools and fall arrives.

So I was happy to find a recent article that explains the pros and potential cons of too much coconut oil.  After reading this informative article in Health Ambition’s “Coconut Oil in Coffee: Is It A Good Idea?” I have decided to still enjoy my beloved Lusicious Latte, but in moderation, much like we should practice with a lot of the foods and drinks we consume.  Check out that article for more details and check out my recipe that I continue to love, especially now that autumn has arrived!  Hooray!

Here is how I made mine….

My Bulletproof Luscious Latte

What You Need:

latte ingre

1 cup of brewed black coffee

1 tablespoon of organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil

dash of cinnamon

dash of nutmeg or try hazelnut

1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract

What You Do:

1.  Simpy brew your coffee. brew

2.  Pour coffee in blender.  I used my Bullet.  Add coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla extract and then blend.add coconut oil

3.  Pour and enjoy.  So simple, healthy and tasty.  in mixer cupCheers to your morning latte!













*Please note that I am not a nutritionist, physician or professional chef. I am a manic mom that likes to try and/or create different recipes to make my meals…and mornings…less manic and more managed in a tasty way, too.*

Party Supplies Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to all that entered the drawing to win the fab and fun party supplies!  All items come from Party City and I almost always find everything and every detail in party decor and more at that store.  This time around my daughter surprised me and did the shopping at Party City and I love what she came up with as these items are so fun to give away today!  So without further ado….our winner today (winner drawn through is…..


Carla Lief from Phoenix, AZ!!!!

Carla won over $50 worth of fun party stuff!  Here is what she won…

Funny hot pink old lady cane complete with horn and readers!


All kinds of fun stuff in this picture above that includes the age cones, old zone construction decor, a megaphone hearing enhancer, the 50 sash and tiara and more!


Five pretty balloon weights that can also be used as centerpieces.

Congrats to Carla!!!  Happy party planning season to all and stay tuned for more fun giveaways and drawings as we progress through the holiday season!  I can’t believe it is upon us again already!!

Party Supplies Drawing!

Have a birthday party coming up?  One for someone turning the big 50 or a different age, and you want funny old lady decor, pretty balloon weights and more?  Then enter this drawing!  I am giving away all of my fun and funny party decor that my daughter got for me from Party City.  So if your name is drawn, you will win over $50 worth of fun party stuff that will make your guest of honor and guests all laugh.  Here is what you win…

Funny hot pink old lady cane complete with horn and readers!


All kinds of fun stuff in this picture above that includes the age cones, old zone construction decor, a megaphone hearing enhancer, the 50 sash and tiara (if the winner wants that) and more!


Five pretty balloon weights that can also be used as centerpieces.

So if you want a chance to win over $50 of this birthday party decor, simply email your name, email address and mailing address (of where to send the prizes to) to [email protected] by 5pm (Phoenix time) this Sunday, September 24th.

Winner will be announced on this blog on Monday, September 25th.  Good luck and happy party planning!

3TV Segment-Party Planning? My Top Local Rental Party Picks

Hard to believe but holiday party planning season is once again upon us.  Not to mention birthdays, showers or other events on the calendar. If you are party planning for this time of year or for any kind of celebration, check out my top local Phoenix party rental picks.  I have put several to the test several times now for my son’s big graduation party, a few other events and most recently, my own 50th birthday bash.  I believe that these suggestions below are the best of the best and I even found a company that will rent you Moscow mule copper mugs and that was actually not an easy find!  Two weeks ago I blogged about the cool and chic cocktail truck that I rented called The Duke and The Duchess.

The lovely Duchess parked in my driveway ready to party!

If you missed that article, you can find it here and I highly recommend that fun feature that will make your party truly unique. Read on to see my other party rental service/supply picks that will have your guests saying what a pal texted me the morning after my latest party….that I had the party of the year!  Woo hoo!  Here are my Phoenix greater area party stuff recommendations:

*Party Pick 2 – Moscow Mule Copper Mug rentals — American Mule

Hubs and I…and a ton of our guests…ordered and loved the Moscow Mule drinks, so we had to have the copper mugs. My son is one year too young for a mule drink. He will be 21 next year…otherwise I am pretty sure he would be holding one, too.

We almost gave up on having the cool copper mugs that chill the Moscow Mule drink so beautifully because the only local rental company we could find quoted us $12 a mug for rentals and we needed 50 cups, so there was no way we could do that!  I got lucky and typed in copper mug rentals on Google and American Mule came up, but I thought the company was out of state, so I left an email inquiry.  To my pleasant surprise, the company emailed me back 24 hours later and told me that they would rent me the mugs for $3.20 a cup!  Yay!  Then I discovered that they operate out of Mesa.  So awesome!  So they delivered two crates of the lovely mugs and picked them up the day after the party dirty…they told me not to clean them.  They would happily do that for us after the party.

Ready for pick-up after the party. So awesome and convenient!

No problem there!  The one thing to note is that if any of the mugs go missing, the cost to replace them is $30 a cup, so I made sure that all were returned to our cocktail truck!  Our guests loved the mugs and the drink making our party so fun.

The copper mugs looked so cool at the bar and were enjoyed by many.

So I highly recommend American Mule for your Moscow Mule copper cup cocktail party needs!

*Party Pick 3 – Outdoor Cooling & Heating Needs – Hacienda Rentals

I was a bit stressed having my party on August 18th in hot Phoenix and during monsoon season, but that is my actual birthday and it fell on a Friday, so it was too perfect!  I searched a lot of websites and asked some friends, and all of the best recommendations were Hacienda Outdoor Comfort Rentals. A lot of resorts, hotels and special events use Hacienda, so I gave them a call.  They do charge a fee to come out for an on site inspection, but I paid it because I really wanted a specific plan of how I would cool our backyard and part of the driveway since the drink truck was going to parked there.  Hacienda told me that they could easily give me a game and price plan by looking at Google Earth, so that is an option for folks wanting to avoid the inspection fee.  I can tell you that the inspection fee, the rental charges and all of it was absolutely worth every penny!  If you want the best, most professional, nice looking and operating equipment that will cool your yard down close to 30 degrees, go with Hacienda!  I have used other cooling companies in the past and they don’t compare, which is why I am sure Hacienda is the top pick by the resorts.  Not only did the equipment cool my outdoor spaces perfectly, but the units looked nice, too.  Guests were comfortable and asked me about the cooling rentals.  I had a big white revolving fan that looked nice and cooled perfectly, plus two ultra modern units that are like the stand-up winter outdoor heaters, but instead are coolers that are called misting towers.  Marc Maples with Hacienda, was professional and perfect to work with from start to finish.  He recommended that we not use the hanging misters across the sky in my yard because monsoon season combined with that type of a misting system could make my outdoor climate humid and sticky. I did not want that!  So I took his advice and his recommendations and my backyard was perfect!

*Party Pick 4 – Classic Event & Tent Rentals

To save on money and space, I decided not to rent full size tables and instead I rented cocktail tables that people can stand around.  My pick for these rentals is Classic Event & Tent Rentals.  Classic has an extensive selection of pretty linens and bows to customize the cocktail tables. The tables were set up perfectly by Classic’s team and I appreciated that because I had used a different company for my son’s graduation party and the bows fell to the ground during the party.  That company didn’t tie them down right and they looked sloppy.  Not so with Classic.  Plus when Classic misquoted me a few dollars due to the wrong  linen size for the table size, she discounted the order for his mistake without me having to ask.  I will always use Classic from here on out.

*Party Pick 5:  Robert’s Catering

For over 20 years, I have worked with and used Robert Richter and his longtime delicious catering company, Robert’s Catering.  Back in the early 90s, I was a marketing manager for Southwest Airlines so he would cater flights to new cities with that destination’s themed food, like Cajun fare when we started serving New Orleans.  For big and small events nationwide, Robert never disappoints and always exceeds expectations with his large assortment of menu items, incredibly tasty appetizers, main fare and his specialty, beautifully adorned and luscious cakes.  Plus he provides servers that are professional, top notch and friendly.  They put the class factor in the event.  Robert’s food is all good and my faves include his Chiptole mac and cheese, mouth-watering grilled teriyaki chicken with toasted sesame seeds and chive garnish. That is part of the Robert’s Catering Hawaiian Luau Buffet, which is the theme I chose for my recent 50th birthday bash.  That included the teriyaki chicken, roasted pulled pork served with Hawaiian dinner rolls, honey hot maple sauce and Hoi sin sauce. Also included in that yummy grouping is spring greens with romaine ginger miso dressing and a stunning and colorful fresh tropical fruit display that offers pineapple, yellow papaya, honey dew, orange, cantaloupe, grapes and strawberries. Also included is a really good island rice pilaf with sliced macadamia nuts, dried cranberries and pineapple with saffron butter, but I asked him to swap the incredibly irresistible Chiptole mac and cheese instead. All was a hit and every time I have Robert cater my celebrations, my guests always tell me that I have the best food hands down at my parties!  And Robert’s cakes are incredible!

My sweet daughter lighting my beautiful cakes from Robert’s Catering.  Yum!

He has an extensive assortment of all sorts of flavors and cake décor.  He surprised me at my son’s graduation with two beautiful giant cakes that displayed a sharp picture of my son’s graduation announcement and a second cake with his senior pictures.  They were stunning and scrumptious.  For my birthday, I chose one chocolate, his Heath Bar Crunch Bavarian Crunch and Robert’s Cherry Rum Cake.  So incredibly good!

Party Pick 6:  Décor – Party City, Kirklands & Hobby Lobby

Party City almost always has everything I need for my décor.  My daughter surprised me this time around with Fab 50 items (and a few over the hill things, too) all from Party City.  I especially liked my  “50 Looks Good on Me” sash and crown that she added to my party outfit. The hot pink cane with a horn, oversized silly reader glasses and other fun over the hill items made for fun party décor.

I asked that instead of gifts, guests pay it forward in some way.  To display the awesome charitable acts done, I bought a beautiful bulletin board where folks could add a post-it note with a short description of what was done.  That was so cool!  I also did a drawing for a $50 Visa gift card for all that put their name in a drawing box for doing a charitable act.  Hobby Lobby had the big bulletin board and the handy store also had a pretty large chalkboard on an easel with lights all around the edge.  It is a perfect way to write something fun with colored chalk to invite folks in or to direct them to the food, etc.  Kirkland’s also had some terrific accessories for décor as well and for fall and holiday events, the inventory is plentiful and unique.

Party Pic 7:  Centerpieces – AJ’s Fine Foods Mini Bouquets

AJ’s Fine Foods has the cutest and prettiest mini bouquets of all types of flowers and some come in fun little mason jars.  These worked perfectly in the middle of the cocktail tables and can be given as party favors to guests as well.  I also found the metallic chalkboard markers at Michael’s that I used to guide guests to the food on this cool illuminated giant chalkboard easel that I bought from Hobby Lobby.  It worked great!

Are you ready to party now?  Did I leave out a great local party planning tool or service that I need to add to my top picks party list?  If so, share in the comments section and happy party season to you!



Lori’s Story: Her Happy Health Treatment That Worked

Manic:  Me a couple of years ago wondering why I was losing a lot of hair, getting sick a lot, dealing with itchy skin and more.  My wonderful mother suggested that I have my thyroid checked as both she and my grandmother have hypothyroidism.

Managed:  Listened to my mama and sure enough, I have an underactive thyroid, too.  For myself, I started taking Synthroid and I have done very well on that.  However, I have heard from a lot of friends, that they did not do so well on that med.  I will continue my course of meds since I have personally responded well to it, but if that ever changes, then I will check out another option that I am sharing here below.

(Disclaimer:  I am NOT a medical professional, but a blogger who likes to share tips from other moms…hence the name of this blog, managedmoms…of things that have worked or not worked for people.)

The one thing I can tell you for sure is to have your thyroid checked if you have any of the symptoms I described or just feel off.  It is very common and once diagnosed, many women notice a terrific improvement with their overall health and well-being.

So with that, when a dear friend of mine asked if she could share her thyroid treatment success story, I agreed since thyroid disease is so common.  She tells me that after years of all kinds of unwellness, she has drastically improved with a successful doctor visit and the follow-up treatment he recommended for her.  Here is her story and I thank Lori Olawski for writing in to share.  This blog loves to share tips with each other that make our manic lives a bit more managed.  Here is Lori’s story….

Lori, in blue dress, looking lovely and feeling good, with her daughter.

Lori says:

Before finding Hope Integrative Wellness, I literally spent decades visiting doctor after doctor searching for at least a reason for feeling completely devoid of energy, motivation and a spark for life.  I felt physically exhausted, craved carbohydrates to give me the energy to get through the day, was losing my hair, gaining weight, feeling depressed and was getting more and more discouraged.  I knew I had Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, but was told time after time that the medication I was taking that was all that I could do about living with this autoimmune condition.

Coming from a medical background, I couldn’t believe that there wasn’t anything more I could do to improve my situation.  So I visited numerous endocrinologists, internists, D.O.’s, and Naturopathic physicians over the years.  I was treated for adrenal problems, Hashimoto’s, had my medication dosages adjusted numerous times, followed many different diets and exercise programs, meditated and slept a lot.

A lot.

I also watched my body develop Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, brain fog, joint stiffness, sciatic nerve pain, all while losing even more hair, and gaining more weight.  At the end of my rope, I attended Dr. Kan’s free seminar and immediately knew everything he said made sense to me.  After extensive physical and blood testing, a custom plan was developed for my situation. Dr. Kan explained how my autoimmune problems could be attributed to a leaky gut…never before had another doctor explored this route.  After just 3 months of treatment with Dr. Kan and his amazing team, my blood work came back with remarkable results. My Type 2 diabetes was under control, with my Hgb A1C testing coming back into the normal range, my thyroid hormones had regulated and lowered so much that my medication was cut in half, my energy was up, I no longer napped, I increased my exercising, and lost 30 pounds!

Also interesting, was that the detox protocol used by Dr. Kan detected substances hidden and settled in my tissues from decades ago, such as chemicals and mercury that I was exposed to while working in a lab over 30 years ago! As I near the 6-month mark of recovery and treatment, I am pleased with the continued progress and healing I am achieving. What I learned most was that in order to heal, I had to be aware.  Aware of my own contributions to my state of health, aware of my stress levels and how to alleviate negative situations, and mostly to be aware of the positive influences, expertise and care offered to me at Hope Integrative Wellness.   If you’re at the end of your rope with your current medical situation, I would not hesitate to explore the healing and opportunities to recover offered at Hope Integrative Wellness.

Thanks for sharing that, Lori!  Amazing!  We also heard from her doctor regarding his view on thyroid issues.  Here is what he told us…

Dr. Kan says:

Struggling with a thyroid condition??  Wouldn’t it feel wonderful to feel like yourself again, control your symptoms and feel more energetic?

Autoimmune diseases emerge when your immune system becomes overly stressed and confused and begins to see your body as foreign. Your immune system then attacks your own body tissue instead of an offending toxin or pathogen. The illnesses that fall under the category of autoimmune disease involve almost every human organ system.  Autoimmune disease affects the nervous system, gastrointestinal system, and endocrine system as well as other connective tissues, your eyes, blood and blood vessels.  In every one of these autoimmune conditions, the underlying problem is autoimmunity – the misdirection of your immune system, resulting in an attack on your organs that your immune system was designed to protect.

All autoimmune diseases are the same disease.

You may suffer from:

Adrenal Issues


Autoimmune Issues


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Inflammation



Digestive Issues


Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Lethargy and low energy


Multiple Sclerosis

Myasthenia Gravis


Rheumatoid Arthritis

Thyroid Issues

Ulcerative Colitis

However, all of these autoimmune diseases are the same disease.  They just happen to attack different body systems.  So the disease, no matter the classification, must be treated as an autoimmune disease.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) estimates up to 23.5 million Americans have an autoimmune disease, and the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) believes that number is actually 50 million!  The NIH data is based on only 24 of the most common autoimmune diseases, while the AARDA data is based on 120 known autoimmune conditions, with some that are considered extremely rare.  Those numbers are staggering in either case, and in comparison, cancer affects up to just 9 million, with heart disease affecting just under 22 million.

Of the 50 million American living and coping with autoimmune disease, more than 75 percent of them are women.  The Office of Research on Women’s Health at the National Institutes of Health has recognized that autoimmunity is the underlying cause of more than 100 of the serious chronic illnesses classified as autoimmune disease.  Research discoveries made in the last decade have made autoimmune research one of the most promising areas of new discovery. According to the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Women’s Health, autoimmune disease and the resulting disorders ranked #1 in a list of the most popular research health topics requested by callers to the National Women’s Health Information Center.

In fact, this research has led to the finding that 70 percent of your immune system is actually in your gut! Chronic inflammation of the gut lining, or leaky gut, is actually a prerequisite for having autoimmune issues. So getting to the root cause of your autoimmune condition is imperative before the proper support and supplementation can be determined.

Has your immune system gone haywire because of a food sensitivity?  An exposure to a toxin?  Or did a pathogen cause an infection in your body?

Functional Medicine practitioners address the underlying root causes of disease, as the client and practitioner work together in a supportive partnership. Functional medicine is adapted to meet the needs of new research and support modalities for the current direction of healthcare.

If you are interested in learning more about your thyroid condition, or any autoimmune disease, join us at Hope Integrative Wellness Center for FREE seminars on Thyroid conditions and/or Autoimmune Disease.  Call us at 480-988-6269 for reservations…space is limited!

Thyroid Seminar:  September 5th at 5:30 and September 19th at 5:30

Autoimmune Seminar:  September 12th at 5:30 and September 26th at 5:30

Hope Integrative Wellness Center
(480) 988-6269
[email protected]

Dr. Peter Kan is a board certified Chiropractic Functional Medicine Doctor and Functional Neurologist. His practice at 3336 E. Chandler Heights Rd., Ste. 123, in Gilbert, is nationally known for treating complex neurological and metabolic conditions. For appointments or to attend a free informational class, call 480-988-6269. For more information, visit

***I have not personally seen Dr. Kan, so I have no experience with his office.  This recommendation and experience comes from one of my blog readers and I do value her opinion.  Here’s to good health for all!***









Cool Chic Rental: Duchess Cocktail Truck Made My Party Perfect!

Manic:  A few months back thinking about turning the big 50!

Managed:  Decided to grab it by the horns and have a Fab 50s bash to ring in this new era! And yep, you read the title of this article right!  I rented a cocktail truck!

1st day in my 50s in my driveway standing in front of The Duchess, a fabulous cocktail truck!

Coolest thing ever!  To accommodate 85 party guests in my home, I spent weeks researching who I thought would be the best of the best in party rentals.  My efforts paid off as each vendor perfectly enhanced my bash and I received multiple compliments in the days that followed my event that every detail was a perfect 10.  Yay! Mission accomplished.  I will post my top overall rental party picks for the other elements later this week, but first let’s talk about the party pleasing cocktail truck on wheels!

Perfectly parked in my driveway getting ready for party to proceed.

This stylish spirits vehicle made my party so unique and festive.  So perfectly pleasing for the thirsty party palette!

My only regret…there were so many more people that I wanted to invite, as I am beyond blessed to have a lot of friends and family.  I do wish that I could have invited all, as I would have had close to 200 people!  Ran out of budget and space.  That’s what happens when you live in the town that you grew up in…and Phoenix is a big city to boot.  Sigh.

But let’s get back to the cocktail truck. Meet The Duchess, who is painted a pretty gold hue (was perfect for my golden 50th birthday).  I rented this brilliant bar on wheels from The Duke Truck.  And I used the pretty picture below on my Evite cards.  Guests RSVPd back excited and curious to attend! 

I had first met the counterpart of the Duchess, The Duke Truck on a day that I was doing my morning show segment.  There sat the Duke all decked out with a demo of how the rental works, how the vehicle arrives to the event and how the drinks are poured.  I was smitten and knew that was exactly what I wanted for my big 50 birthday bash.  And yep, I loved it! The beautiful bartender, Brittani was terrific as she served the cocktails of my choice that I had worked out with the Duke Truck company prior to my event.  The Duchess cocktail truck arrived and was decked out with the bartender, music and lighting….so much fun!

Our beautiful bartender, Brittani ready to serve yummy red and white Sangria, among other tasty drinks.

About a week before my bash, we worked out a fun and creative drink menu list complete with catchy cocktail names that were fitting for my milestone day.   Take a look at how clever these drink names are, some thought of by me like the Still Bubbly at 50 Champagne and some created by Nicole, owner of The Duke Truck, like the Hot Mama Moscow Mule.  Too fun!   Nicole was fabulous to work with.  All details were spot on!

Festive fun was had by all as the Duchess Truck was the talk of the event and made for nice photo opps, too! 

Loved the Fab at 50 sign Brittani displayed at the bar. So nice!

I highly recommend The Duke Truck for a truly unique event!  Owned by a local husband and wife team, they travel to Europe to find and purchase old dutch trucks that they then refurbish, bring back to lucky us here in the USA and hence, The Duke Truck and The Duchess are born!

Once we signed the agreement, I kept Nicole abreast of the RSVP count and one week prior to party time, she emailed me a drink calculator so I knew how much of what to purchase based on my drink menu and final headcount.  I purchased the spirits from Sam’s Club and Nicole provided our bartender, Brittani and all of the non-alcoholic liquids, ice and garnishes needed to make the perfect drink every time.  She even brought, made and served my teenage daughter and her pals Shirley Temples.  So fun!

I say cheers to the The Duke Truck!  My hubs liked it, too!  We also liked how traffic flowed smoothly from the Duchess Truck bar in my driveway to inside for the food and then to our backyard for festive fun.  It was the perfect set-up, even in hot Phoenix in August!  The party was on my actual 50th birthday, so that was special. We rented some cooling/misting units to keep things cool and all worked just perfectly.  My best birthday to date!  Yay!

With my hubs.  My lovely Mother-in-law is in the background as she helped Brittani cut limes before party time began.

And with fun pictures, like this collage below, of the lovely Duchess truck, good friends and savory spirits, I will never ever forget this celebration.  It is true…50s are fabulous!

It’s all in how one kicks it off and the Duchess bar from The Duke Truck helped me do that just right.  Cheers to that!  Check it out for your next event as they rent both in Arizona and in the Napa Valley part of California. Prices and details at The Duke Truck.

Freebie Friday Winner!








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Now, let’s announce this week’s lucky winner….

This week’s Freebie Friday winner is:

Mitzi Dunham from Tennessee! 

(winner drawn through

Congrats to Mitzi! Mitzi wins this beautiful home decor/storage box that beautifully displays one of my favorite words, THANKFUL!  
There will be a few little goodies inside when she opens it including a pretty bling bracelet and a few other items!

Congrats to Mitzi for winning!  And thank you so much to subscribing to this blog.

We appreciate it!

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