Family Matters

John, Rachel, Jack & Alexis

Photo: John Hall Photography

Family is part of my ‘Manic Managed’ life, and is the most rewarding.

Follow me as I discover how to parent during the hormonal years!  Should be some interesting posts here!  I will also include helpful and humorous parenting tidbits about how to keep our manic schedules somewhat managed.

Feel free to leave comments following my posts.  I welcome your parenting tips, recipe ideas, beauty tips and feedback.  My goal is to grow this site so that it is a helpful resource to share what we do as busy women to keep it all together…and still have time to enjoy a glass of wine or cappuccino from time to time.

And I thank my fantastic family.  They have been wonderful and supportive when I sneak off to write a post.  They have also had some great ideas that I plan to include as my blog grows.

I wish you and your family more managed days than manic ones!  Remember to breathe and to keep laughing.  No matter what challenges come your way, at the end of the crazy day, it is family that matters most.